GIRL- Hallie Lacey..S/N-laceysucksx..22..September 3rd..Brown hair..Blue eyes..Married..JESSE..HURT..No job..Brand New..Good Charlotte..The Smiths..Something Corporate..Mest..Simple Plan..Britney Spears..Photography..Donnie Darko..Elijah Wood..Best Friends..Love..

DISCLAIMER- I'm not who you think I am. Don't know Brand New, GC, SoCo, Mest, or Simple Plan

Jesse/My man
Vinnie/Best buddy
John/Another best buddy
Andrew/Piano man and good friend
Linzi/Good friend
William/Crazy kid
Brooke/Nicest person ever!
Seb/From SP
Natalia/Dates Vincent, great friend too
Chuck/From SP
Pierre/From SP too
Jessika/Dated Pierre
Yvonne/Brookes friend
Katie/She's is just the greatest!
Chuckifina/Obsessed with Chuck
David/From SP
Adam/Katie's man
Adam L/From TBS, old friend
Alexis/Andrews friend
Ashlee/Simpson, shes nice
Matt/From Mest
Mikey/From MCR
Nikki/David's girl