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02/26/2006: It starts here on March 29 2006: The FF 536
The Story: A mysterious object has fallen from the heavens to crash in the Midwest, and Reed Richards has been called in to try to piece together the mystery surrounding it. What is it--and how will it lead into CIVIL WAR and the return of a Marvel mainstay?
32 PGS./Rated A ...$2.99
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02/26/2006: Ultimate Avengers is a direct-to-video animated film based on the Marvel comic book The Ultimates. This movie is one of the couple of Marvel Comics properties to be released by Lions Gate's Family Home Entertainment on DVD and was released on February 21, 2006. The other animated films to be released include a sequel to Ultimate Avengers (for release July 2006), Iron Man, and Doctor Strange.
03/16/2006 JMS on THOR
From the B5 moderated newsgroup:
On the comics front, incidentally...it was just announced by Marvel that I'm going to be taking over and re-launching the Thor monthly title. Because this is a big mythological show, it's very much in my wheelhouse, as it were, and it's really important to make this work. So I'm giving some thought to pulling back on some of the other comics work, notably FF, to make room to give this my full attention.

In a telephone press conference J. Michael Straczynski, Editor Tom Brevoort, Director of Sales David Gabriel and Marketing Coordinator Jim McCann dicussed "Civil War" and the return of THOR!
we have three different titles, totaling six comics,Tom Brevoort said, which are part of the "Road to Civil War." The first is "Amazing Spider-Man" #529, #530 & #531, the first of which just sold out coast-to-coast. The second book is "New Avengers: Illuminati Special," which ships later this month. The third is "Fantastic Four" #536 & #537. Those are the six actual individual comics that comprise the "Road to Civil War."

The big thing- which we obviously made no secret about- is in the opening of "Fantastic Four" #536, an object falls from the heavens and crash lands in the middle of Oklahoma. It's a very familiar Marvel item, to which Reed Richards is called in to try to make sense of what it is that's fallen and what it could be and so forth. It's also an item coveted by the now-resurrected Dr. Doom. It will come as no shock to anybody who's seen the cover that it's Thor's hammer. This is also the first step on the road to bringing Thor back to the Marvel Universe in a major way. On top of that, there are scenes peppered throughout that lead to the conflict within "Civil War," but the main thrust of the plot is Dr. Doom, Thor's Hammer, the FF and "Road to Civil War."

David Gabriel: For those retailers on line with us right now, "Amazing Spider-Man" #529 sold out at Diamond the day before it actually went on sale at your stores. I'm going to guess that the second printing we did- where we actually printed double what the back-orders were- I'm pretty positive that will also be sold out well before next Wednesday. I'd caution retailers to think about their orders on "#536, on "New Avengers: Illuminati," as well as the other "Amazing Spider-Man" issues.
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