March 7th, 2004

First update in over a month, wow how the time flies.  Anyways Im not going to sit here and reflect on my past month.  This site was a place of me just saying what happened to me in the day instead of what i really wanted it to be which was a response to things i see throughout the world.  My opinions and beliefes of everything.  Really i needed to take a break to get away from the update of how my day was.  That is the generic site thing, saying this and that.  Sure it's fine for people, and Im not dising it for them, but its just not me.  You want to know how my day went then come and ask me in person.  Want to know what I am thinking? Then come to this site and find out, or ask me, either one works.

First off I like to comment something that was said on haddons fourms by deghian.  Apparently at a party there was some english chick or something, not really sure.  So she was going around trying to get some from anything moving.  Like deegs said, does a accent automatically make you sexier or more attractive or something?  I have noticed the trend in girls espeically.  They find a guy with some sort of accent and there ya have it, instant "I want to fuck you" status.  Like i know two british twins, and right away every girl liked them, simply because they were english.  No matter that one is a slight asshole(and I express my mind so if it offends you then meh).  As long as they have the accent it don;t matter.  Even more so is something else deegs eluded to.  Someone asks "Have you seen this girls new bf?"...No is he hot?..."No, Hes Black"  Well there are two things wrong with that(and no im not racist).  First off the person automatically asks is he hot.  Does it really matter if hes hot or not.  Should it not matter more if he is a good person and is being good to your friend.  I rather have my friend my happy then have them miserable with some hot.  Secondly, its a big thing for the person to be black.  Like nothing wrong with black people, but what is it with girls now who automaitcally want a black man.  Is it the whole mainstream ganster rap thing going down or what?  Hes black so he has a big dick and is a automatic gangster.  No matter if he does drugs, drinks a lot, is a high school dropout, or even a nice guy, hes black.  Yes there are white people just as bad(probably worse), but I don;t see girls going "Her new boyfriend ain't hot but hes WHITE!"..."really?! i want to fuck him".  ANyways thats all I got to say, read it and take it as you will.  Again I am not racist, not by any means just saying what i see. 

Later Days,
Thought of the Update:
"To beat the game you have to play by its rules".
Matthew Good's site, which is currently under construction but it will be back up eventually.  It was, and still is my homepage for the simple reason that his journals rocked.
Katie's Site, One of my better friends and a inspiration to make a site, so check it out.
Haddon's Site,  The first of us to get that personal site of thoughts thing going, and well the most famous too.
My Beliefes
Matthew good did this, so I thought I would give it a go.  I'll list as i think them up.  A * means it was just added on a recent update

I do not believe in the death pentaly
I believe in free choice
I believe people should make thier own decision on religion
I believe that man is instinctive and all traits are learned
I believe that I exsist
I believe that there is no true knowledge
I believe that there is no good and evil, only perception of them.
I am against child labour
I am against animal testing, though I admit I do not check to see if I am using a product that has not been tested on animals
I believe all humans are hypocrits
I believe freedom does not exsist
I believe that humans wish to be in control or to be controlled
I am against censorship
I do not believe in war
I believe Mark was a asshole at birth
....more to come as i think of them
Lyrics, Not always going to be mine, just ones I like or are given to me
Glory Without Fear
Excuse all the spelling errors.  I have always been horrible at spelling and do not have the time to run it through a spell check
Lucid's Site, A great band, who i am very good friends with(well at least neeb and lawler).  Check em out, they are going places.
Lyric of the Update:
"This is me with the word on the tip of my tounge and my eye through the scopre down the barrel of a gun" - Taking Back Sunday
Pic of the Update:
People who inspire me the most in one pic, Che, and Zach De La Rocha.
Analog Wry, One of my better friends(Adam) site for his band.  Haven't really heard much of them, but I hear they are good, so check it out.
Drop me a line at or you can even add me to your msn with the first address
The Charge, First band I saw live and they were absoutly awsome so give them a look and a listen.
519punk, A great message board for all things punk in town.