A Sin and a Shame

The APE (Almost Pledged Entirely) stage of the Alpha Phi Alpha pledge process involves one of the most DEMEANING, INHUMANE, DEMONIC ACTS one human could put upon another. I would rather pick cotton under the threat of the master's whip for a week, than have to act like a monkey for a week. In reality, the Alpha pledge becomes a SLAVE MONKEY. The pledge must serve the Big Brothers. They cannot communicate in english, but can only do monkey talk. They must hunch over like apes and eat bananas.

Alpha Phi Alpha patterns itself after Ancient Egypt. Well, in Ancient Egypt, apes were pets. But they were also used as servants at Pharaoh's table and the tables of other Egyptians. So when people, greek or persuaded by greeks, claim that the founders were innocent in the writing of their rituals, and did not understand the demonic nature contained in the rituals. As a 20+ year scholar of GLO's, my response to that is HOGWASH.