Jay's Gloucester Yachts Web Page


My G22 after a good cleaning

Photos of a Diamond in the Rough


I am new to sailing and at the same time, I have recently acquired a 1986 Gloucester 22. 

It has been difficult in finding any information on the Gloucester Yachts product line, as well as replacement parts for this boat. 

I am putting this web site together to photo document my Gloucester 22 as I do maintenance and refits. I hope this will help other Gloucester owners with there boat. 

In my resource gathering I have amassed a plethora of helpful links, which I will post on a seperate page. 

Please drop me an email and let me know where you other Gloucester owners are out there.

  Pictures of the family enjoying the boat

 Miscellaneous Pictures:

       *  Rigging
       *  Cockpit

 * Owners Manual and sales brochure for the G22:
** Special Thanks to Steve Keel for sharing the following:

       *  G22 Owners Manual
       *  G22 Question and Answer Sheet
       *  G22 Sales Brochure

 Projects Underway/Finished on my 22: 
       * Bottom Paint 
       * Centerboard Removal and Repair
       * Cabin Headliner Replacement 


 My Info: 

 Name:  Jay Leathers 

 Email:  jayleathers@adelphia.net