Here's a bad shot of my Art final project. Since it's so big, this picture really doesn't do much for the painting. It's a 3' by 3' watercolor abstractionism, and if you don't understand it; that's ok: I probably don't either. Mulejans said she wants to turn it into a mural in the school, so that's awesome.
This is the Electric Guitar I designed and built with Legos. It's pretty close to actual size, though the body could be longer. The neck is pretty narrow, too; but I'd say it's still pretty badass. If only I could play, then I'd buy a real one.
And here's the Bass Guitar I designed and built with Legos. Not as strong as the Electric, but definitely a lot more drastic in design. This one is alot closer to actual size, but again, the neck is too narrow.
Here's me, showing off the new metal : )
Here's a closeup of my eyebrow piercing, which I got done on April 10th, 2004.
And here's a clsoeup of my Labret piercing, which I got done on June 16th, 2004.
Here's some pics of my tattoos. The one on my back was my first (August, 2004), it took about an hour and a half and cost me $160. It started as a design I did in 9th grade Geometry class, and then I made some changes before finalizing it and settling on the finished project. The stars on my collarbones (October, 2004) only took like, 12 minutes, they cost $60. I'm still not done with these, I want to add color to them but I'm still trying to work out how and what color(s). Finally, the one on my arm (January, 2005) took about an hour and cost $120. The bottom pic of this one is just to show where on my arm it is, the top one really shows the detail and such. It was also my first color, aww; heh. I designed this one, as well.