Korean Minjok Leadership Academy

Global Leadship Program for Students


Here you will find some of the works of Class 17
of the 1st GLPS summer program.

Rough and ready are the pages you will find! Encourage us!

Links to Hearts and Minds of our School

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Links to the Hearts and Minds of our Class

Goo Woon's -- Bill Gates
Cho Keun-Ho's -- Car Designer
Jeong Eun-Ha's -- Nature
Kim Joon-Young's -- Park Jung-Hee
Song Jae-Ha's -- M.L. King
Do Kyu-Ho's -- Nobel
Woo Su-Young's -- We Have to Unify
Ahn Hyo-Ju's-- Herbal Doctors
Park Ji-Hae's -- Dream
Seo il-Ho's -- Albert Einstein
Seo Jong-Min's -- Happiness
Kim Beom-Seok's -- Kim Do-Hwan
Kim Beom-Seok's -- Coffee
Roh Jong-Heun's -- Willow Ufgood
Kim Byoung-Soo's -- George Washington
Shin Gi-Beom's -- What Animals Do