Green Legend Ran

Notice: Sunday, 2001 July 22

This site will be in the process of being totally renovated. It no longer meets my standard of quality for one of my sites. To see my current standard, look at my Cardcaptor Sakrua site. I'll do my best to recapture all images that are in this site right now.

Why am I doing this? I can shrink the file size while reducing the pixelization of the images. Backgrounds may recieve some tweaking, but will in most part remain as a part of the site. I should also be able to double or triple the image number. They'll be organized by the 3 parts of the show.

While I'm thinking of it, I have gone to a local DVD store and saw the NEW DVD release of Green Legend Ran! Yeay!

Update:  2001 January 03
This site is my first version of this site.  I am currently making a second version with the galleries subdivided into 3 act catagories.  I have over 100 different images now and that exceeds my Geocities limit of space.  Click here to check on my current progress on Version 1.5.

    This site is meant to promote and increase awareness of the Science Fiction Anime, Green Legend Ran.  These images are taken directly from the movie, although some, like this background, have been modified.  I've finally come acrossed a few other GLR web sites, and some of them have some images too.  The pictures here are all captures I have made at home, and are not copied from other sites on the web.  Images are grouped by characters.  If more than one character is in a picture, (the majority), I'll show the images twice.  My first priority is to post the images.  After that, I'll add background information about this Anime as well.

Background: This story takes place in the future.  Humans were poinsoning the environment with chemical polutants and many other environmentally unsound products that were killing all life on Earth.  It is believed that Rodo (a collection of several large objects of extraterrestrial origin surrounded the Earth and landed, absorbing all of the planets water, plants and wild animals into its center.  The area surrounding these objects has plentiful water and plant life as well as a temperate climat.  All of the rest of the planet became desert wastelands, where common people fight against the desert world to survive.  A group of religious people began to live around the greens and worshipped Rodo and an entity they called "The Holy Mother".  These religious fanatics became known as Rodists and would give water to those living outside of the holy greens only as a means of tyranny.
    A radical group known as the "Hazard" has dedicated itself to stopping the Rodists despots to open up the Greens to everyone.  Originally, the group believed in minimizing casualties.  This changed after the Hono, the original leader of the Hazard, left the group and was taken over by his second in command, Kiba.  Since then, the group has become recless, believing that the ends justify the means.



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