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Photos which have been restored are noted.
  Doris as a child (restored)
  Doris and Harold in cafe in New Orleans (restored)
  Garry, Me, Andy & Sarah - about 10 years ago
  Texas roots! The horse was named Goldfish, if anyone was really interested.
  Auguste (Mentzel) Raven, Ione Raven's mother
  Another picture of Ione's mother, Auguste.
  Herman Raven and his wife Margaret Older brother of Ione Raven. Born in Germany.
  Ione Raven
  The children of Gussie and Jack Fernandez Their names are written on the photo
  'Maggie' shown in Mark Vivian's home in Wichita Falls, TX. Mid 50s? This is how I remember her.
  Another picture of 'Maggie'
  Neill and Ione McCashin
  Shortly after we had moved into our new house back in 1987.
  My mother as a teenager in Wichita Falls.
  I came across this other picture of Ione.
  Doris Posey (restored)
  May Posey (restored)
  Maggie and Sidney's children, L to R:  Meredith, Marks Vivian and Margaret.
  At a niece's wedding in San Diego, 2000. L to R: My older brother, Mike: His wife, Sharon; My mother, Doris & husband, Dan; Nick (Mike's son); My younger brother, Robert. Mike lives in NM; Robert in FL; Nick in CA and my mother in TX.
  'Maggie's' husband, Sidney Marks Posey
  Auguste and Ernst Raven (Ione Raven's parents) on their 50th anniversary in 1880
  Marks Vivian in the oil fields. Had to shrink the photo to fit the page- He shrunk a bit in the process. He's not that short.
  Linda and Garry in Venice, June 2006.

Geneology Report: Ernst Raven