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This cracks me up. SLEAZE



So, its been a while, but I have finally added new stuff, and organized a little bit. Added a Thompson Twins cuff, Vintage collage, Elvis dolls, pug towels, and a little stuffy.


I had to remove the Elvis Art Party and the Fancy Pants party. Geocities stinks, but there are still the shadowbox and shrine party pics.


I love romance novels, and the cover art, so this is devoted to my latest read. Added a bunch more, lots of nice covers and hilarious spanking.



Cool shrines: Elvis, mermaid, devil mary, and more.


LINKS - Favorite places to look around.

Craftyzary's shop 'Canela'- Mexicana, Picture jewelry and felted things

Amaryllisroze's Shop - Shrines and Day of the dead!

Browne Popular Culture Library at BGSU - a whole library devoted to pop culture!

Craftster - a great place to find cool crafts, meet people and swap.

Emily's Blog - full of adventures, craftiness and more.

Justin's animation/puppet films, not for kids.

Library Career Romances - Vintage novels about library romances.

Naughty Secretary Club - Cool crafts to buy, and zine.

Retrolounge - all about all sorts of popculture things, and paperbacks and coverart.



I love puffy sleeves!


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