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Louise's Garden
Welcome!!  Please  Do Take Time To Stop And  Smell The  Roses......

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I  am  an   average  homemaker,  I
guess.  I   have  a  little  ability  and  a little  talent  and  I   love  trying  to improve  myself  each  day.

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I  enjoy  cooking,  gardening,  music,  nature,  spending  time  outdoors  and  enjoying  the  beauty  of  God's  creation  all  around  me.

There  are  two  ways  to  grow  old,,,,  you  can  wear  out  or  you  can  rust  out.  I  plan  on  wearing  out  by using  each  and  every  day  the  Lord  allows  me  to  learn  something  new  and  to try  to improve  myself  and  if  I  can  add  to  someone  else's  knowledge  or  happiness  along  the  way  ,  I  will  be  truly  blessed.



  The Bible
Carousels and
  Carousel Horses


  Helping Others


Uplifting Music

House Plants

One is nearer God's
face in a garden than anywhere else on earth.

Mother Teresa
Helen Keller
Billy Graham
John Denver
Princess Diana
Dr. Phil MaGraw
Anyone who is kind
to others
Those who have overcome great obstacles  and adversities  and who are a lesson for us all

The   Bible

The majesty of God , how awesome  it is!! How wonderful  that He will bring us through every storm and  show us the  rainbow.

I really like to sit out in the yard and watch the birds . I have a special garden area especially for birds and butterflies. It is such a joy to watch these beautiful creatures . I also like lady bugs .