McArdle's Syndrome
aNeuro-Muscular Disease
My Search for a Diagnosis
My greatest challenge
What is it like to live with McArdle's Syndrome

McArdle's Syndrome is also known as Glycogen Storage Disease Type V.
It is often abbreviated as GSD Type V.

of  glycogen storage
muscle tissue.

This website is designed to be a
comprehensive, factual and up to date source of information on McArdle's Syndrome.

It is the result of my 5 year in-depth study and research on this neuromuscular disease.

Every web page I am aware of is listed.

The information I'm sharing with you runs the gambit from the repetative and redundant to the scientific and personal.

My research has shown that the most current, accurate, safe, reputable and factual source of good sound medical advice on McArdle's Syndrome can be found at the Muscular Dystrophy Association
(MDA) website.

McArdle's Syndrome is one of the nearly
50 neuromuscular diseases MDA research is now working on to try and find a cure.

If you need it, the
Muscular Dystrophy Association can direct you toward competant medical help, advice, support ,counsel and treatment.

The MDA has been very helpful and has provided me with a wealth of information. I am deeply grateful to the MDA for all they are doing to find a cure for McArdle's Syndrome.

Legal Medical Disclaimer

Please, read this statement very carefully.

I am
not a medical doctor. I do not have any special training to offer you medical advice or information in any form. The information I share with you herein is the result of my nearly 5 years of research into the why's and wherefores of McArdle's Syndrome.  I strongly recommend you consult a licensed medical doctor BEFORE you accept or reject any of the content of these pages as medical fact.

None of the content found on this website or the websites I reference you to herein is intended to take the place of sound medical advice.

Therefore, do
NOT accept any of the information contained herein as medical fact until you have discussed it in its entirety with a medical doctor.

Do NOT apply any of the medical, remedies, recommendations, advise, counsel or practice any of the physical therapies discussed within these pages of information without gaining the approval of a medical doctor who is completly famiiar with you and your medical history.

Ii is both dangerous and unsafe to proceed without proper medical advice.

Not taking these warnings seriously could cost you your life.

Nothing contained herein is intended to replace your need to obtain sound medical counsel and advice.

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