Left Field Furcadia

Some portions of the following web page may contain adult language and / or suggestive themes.
There will never be pornography posted here, but I still insist, mature browsers only!

Standard disclaimers aside, lets get on with the program, shall we?

This page isn't all that much really. What you'll find here is a variety of selections regarding Furcadia. From character descriptions to furry art, I'll gathered it all together for the curious to peruse. I've even got some patch art for download and portrait art tucked away in here.

On with the show...


Cyprian Silverwind


Imperial Pink Palace (retired)
Twilight Manor


Furry Friend Art Gallery
Downloads for Dreams
Portraits for the Public


RL Images

(other web pages)
Beyond Malkyn This is my completely pointless personal webpage.
Ambiguous Sexuality My take on sex and gender.

A note on the side:
All portraits, graphics, and downloads pictured here are property of myself. The one acception is gift art, to whom credit belongs with the indicated artist. Regarding the personal portraits displayed, while the art is my own, the characters pictures are intelectial property of the furre for whom they were drawn. Swipe anything and I will send the real life Aruni to chew off your toes. (Trust me, she bites very hard.) 1