7.2.3: Been a while, eh? Posting again to point you to an essay Mom wrote about "Hang It On the Wall." So read it.
2.2.2: Added something Mom wrote regarding Dock Street. For those of you who don't know my mom, I'm telling you right now-- she's the shit. She's one of the coolest people on the face of this earth. She's a good writer, too. So here it is.
1.14.2: It's incomplete, but it's here: the Jump, Little Children Guidebook. Click here to see it or click here to tell me what I need to add.
1.7.2: Just for the hell of it, I made some link buttons. Not that I expect anyone to use them or anything, but they're here at any rate. And a few new captions are up. I added some from me too, cuz I was tired of waiting for new submissions. ;)
11.12.1: Nobody's been signing my guestbook, so I have a new incentive to sign it-- that's right, there's now a 60x20 box dedicated to Hal Horowitz. Enjoy!
11.8.1: This just in - Episode 2 of Jumping Beans, entitled The Licorice Tea Demon. File size: ~450K.
10.26.1: New: Caption section in which Viewers Like You look at pictures of the band (and Vance) and give them captions. I know it's been done, but it's still fun. :)
10.24.1: Haven't updated in forever. Sorry about that. I've done a lot of stuff but I'm lazy and so I haven't been bothering to discuss it on my site. ANYWAY, my Jump comics finally have a name, and thus Episode 1 of Jumping Beans, entitled "One Morning," has been born. View it yourself here, but be warned... it's kinda big. I cropped the pic and reduced the resolution as much as I could without making it completely illegible, but it's still barely under 500 K. You've been warned. Of course, you're going to check it out anyway, because I said so.
8.30.1: Added a weblog in which I chronicle my attempts (ridiculous or otherwise) to promote the band.
8.11.1: Posted a list of radio stations you can call to request "Vertigo." If you want to see it, it's here. If you don't want to see it, go anyway.
7.20.1(again): 5 PM now. Got some sleep. That makes me happy. Anyway, I've got it all functional. Matt has responded and so the site is now ready to go official, at least in theory. Of course, it needs a lot more content, but at least I've got a working layout and the necessary permission. I've also got a disclaimer now. Exciting, neh?
7.20.1: It's 5 AM and I've just spent way too long learning (and playing with) CSS. I've got the essentials and I think it's time to stop. I'm just about to send off the email to the band officially requesting permission to use their site's pictures. I'm thinking I'm going to make some collages and such. Anyway, I'm leaving for New Hampshire Saturday (tomorrow, technically) and so I doubt I'll be able to have much up before I leave. Anyway, I've put up the first comic (hopefully Jay and Jonny don't drive up to NH to kick my ass) and it's not much but hopefully y'all will like it okay, for a first attempt. :-)