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I have allowed the site to become inactive, due mainly to frustration over some of the GeoCities policies.  For months, the page was continually down because it had "used its quota of bandwidth" or something like that.  I did not want to pay about $9.95 per month to maintain a hobby site.  I'm visiting again as of 3/3/04.

Update of March 3, 2004

Glad to be back at my old site, and I hope to try to do some work to improve it.  Or at least, to bring it somewhat up to date.  My counters reveal that persons still visit this site, even though I have done little to promote it during the past two years .  Read above and below to see how the Geocities restrictions pretty much converted their "free" sites into pay sites, explaining my lack of enthusiasm for working on my site.  Now, on to another topic. 

As a helpful warning, let me tell you about the
dangers of trolling the porn sites on the Web.  I stopped any visit to such sites about Sept of '03 because I picked up a nasty virus called a hijacker trojan.  This type of virus writes to your registry so that every time you boot your computer, the web browser is reset by the trojan to make some junky amateur-looking  page your homepage.  You can go into "options" and reset your browser back to your regular homepage, but every time you reboot your computer, the "el junko" home page is back.  The trojan is doing other bad things too, but this is the most visible effect of it.

Anyway, as I said, I picked up one of these in mid-2003 and got upset enough to totally avoid any and all porn sites ever since.  But I did not count on my 22-year-old son, who apparently continued to troll such sites.  Anyway, he picked up a very BAD trojan last week that made the earlier one (described above) seem like a creampuff by comparison. 

I have spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to get rid of this trojan. I went out and downloaded Ad-Aware as well as SpyBot.  Neither would touch it.  SpyBot seemed to erase pieces of it, but it had redundancy and survived.  I finally acquired a little free program called CWShredder.exe.  It got rid of this trojan.  I had spent maybe about 6 hours trying to get rid of CWS, and at the time I found CWShredder, I was depressed and convinced I would NEVER get rid of it, and just have to live with it.  If you picked up CWS, you can search the string "CWShredder.exe" on Google to find it.  It does erase CWS.   

I have no moral objection to snapshots of pretty, nude women.  However, alas, the porn sites are a sewer of malicious code.  Visit them at your risk.

Update of 22 October 03:

It is hard to believe that it has been over a year since I visited this site.  There are many photos that took a great deal of time for me to collect that are still available for viewing on the site.  I can only imagine that GeoCities has allowed the site to remain because it has popularity. 

As for me, I have retired from my job at age 62 and am enjoying retirement so far.  I have been retired for about 6 months now. 

I like to go for long walks with my big German Shepherd dog, whose photos appear elsewhere on this website. 

I am still married to my Brazilian wife, and still in love with her.  She is a beautiful woman and makes me very happy.  There are many photos of beautiful women on this site, but my wife is also very beautiful. 

Thanks for visiting my site.  "Live long  and prosper."


Update of 18 August 02:

The email door below works-- be sure to drop me a line if you have any comments.  I hope to at least keep this comment page up to date--   regards to all.    My site has had 250,000 visitors approximately since April of 1999.  Thanks to you, my visitors, for making that possible.
I don't have any "site of the month" type awards.  However, I have some
nice comments that visitors have piped back to me after visiting my site.          -- the Glyptodont


What a lovely site you have created! You are really somebody with eye for "Beauty".  An oasis of tranquility in the messy internet. The girls are just gorgeous, the relaxing music makes me dream....    Keep up your site!
                    --Bert B. --   Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

"Your site is really sexy, both in terms of females and background music.  Keep up your good effort in providing excellent entertainment to males
around the globe."      -- A G   (Saudi Arabia)

"Nice pictures of pretty girls.  Good work!  Thank you."
       -- C B  (Brazil)

"Thank you for the time and good taste you used to put together this site.  You chose the most beautiful women.  Thanks again.  Keep up the good work!"      --  Dan

"Nice site you have on Jun Kusanagi."     --ThaNurz

"All is cool.  Thank you!"     -- Angelie Almendare

"I found your site by chance and want to thank you for such kind words about me.   Warmest wishes and happy holidays!"  -- Grace de la Rosa

"Spent some time this a.m. looking and reading [on your site.]  Thank you, enjoyed both.  Back to bed now."    -- Phil K, Wisconsin

"Thanks for the wonderful pictures . . .  I like them all.  Ladies are very beautiful and the photographers are good too."   --S. S. (female), Thailand
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