My Name? ... Lyssette Guiot, and this is my site which showcases my personal Creations.
Im from Mexico city, and i really enjoy to spend my time making
dough or clay creations and watercolor paintings. I started to work with dough 8 years ago!

Im married! ...His name? Gabriel.

I married to my sweet supportive husband Gab, on August, 15th, 1997 and Im very grateful with God for that!

Since each of the creations that you will see on this site are 100% handmade (no molds), no two are exactly alike and colors may vary.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions, concerns and orders.


Thank you for stopping by!!!
Im planning to expand this site throughout the year, so please be sure to visit frequently!!
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Created on: May/20/2002
Te Amo Nene!!!
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