About MEGS
The origins of MEGS
MEGS was born on a cold winter evening in January 1991. Four radio amateurs met in Glasgow with the intention of forming a group dedicated to making morse operating more accessible to radio amateurs. They felt that there was a need for help, not only in preparing for the morse test, but also in gaining confidence once on the HF bands.  

MEGS was created with the intention of offering help and practical advice for morse enthusiasts at all levels.  

MEGS has been described as a "a club of the air", having no premises, but regular meetings in the form of skeds on monday and thursday evenings. The group callsign is GM0RSE. 

Members' services
  • Morse practice tapes are available free of charge from MEGS secretary George Allan GM4HYF. Simply send a C90 cassette and stamped self-addressed padded envelope to George indicating the required speed.
  • On-air practice can be arranged following MEGS skeds or any other mutually convenient time.
  • Bi-annual newsletter is sent to members and gives details of MEGS activities and usually includes a technical article.
  • Skeds
    Monday and Thursday evenings on 3.530 MHz A1A from 1930 to 2030 UTC (1830 to 1930 UTC 31st March to 27th October).  

    The net controller uses the callsign GM0RSE and calls 'CQ MEGS'. QSOs are conducted at 12 wpm and more experienced operators are asked to keep to that speed to allow others to copy the contact.  

    A listening watch is also kept on 145.275 MHz (F2A) and 28.500 MHz (A1A).  

    MEGS members are requested to give their membership number when contacting other members. Non-members are, of course, very welcome to join in!  

    How to join MEGS
    Lifetime membership costs one pound sterling (or three US dollars for overseas members). Membership enquiries and applications should be sent to  
    MEGS Secretary:  
    George Allan GM4HYF  
    22 Tynwald Avenue
    High Burnside
    G73 4RN  
    MEGS Committee
    J.R. Nicholson (GM0MFE), chairman  
    G.M. Allan (GM4HYF), secretary  
    R. Rankin (GM0NPS), treasurer  
    R. Bennet (GM0PTP)  
    Donald Black (GM0PIV), minute secretary  
    C. Muir (GM0UOU)  
    J.D.L. Oates (GM0VIY)  
    Peter Deans (SWL) 

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    Membership and general queries to george@allan99.freeserve.co.uk