Improving Your Speed
Some hints for increasing your speed: 
  • Throw away your pencil. Learn to read Morse in your head and jot down essential details only to jog your memory.
  • As soon as you can read 70-80% of Morse at a particular speed move on to a higher speed. Exercise your brain and you will soon learn to recognise common words and groups automatically.
  • Practise often. Listen to Morse as often as you can, even if it is only running in the background.

  • Enjoy your hobby. Your brain works best when alert but relaxed.
    Some Morse transmissions to practise copying in your head:
  • GB2CW - Morse speed runs. Transmitted on thursdays at 2045 local on 3.527 MHz from the station of GM4HYF. Speeds from 15 to 30wpm.
  • GB3RN - RNARS Code Proficiency Run/News. Transmitted on the first tuesday of the month at 2000 local on 3.520 MHz.
  • GB2RS - News. Transmitted each Sunday at 0900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 hours on 3.518 MHz from the station of G4FKH in Chelmsford. It comprises updated propagation news sent at between 12 and 15 words per minute.
  • ARRL - W1AW Morse schedule
  • Society of Wireless Pioneers - high speed Morse practice

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