Welcome to the 3300 Information Database.  This webpage is the first of it's kind to highlight the 3.3 Litre V6 by General Motors. 

The 3300 engines were found in Buicks, Pontiacs, and Oldsmobiles from 1989 until GM discontinued production of the engine in 1993.  It was a low cost, high efficiency alternative to the 3.8, and served as an experimental platform for GM's new technological ideas.  Over it's lifetime, it has proven itself as a reliable and formidable powerplant, having served as the performance engine for Pontiac's Grand Am GT model.  

A Brief Overview:
The 3300 engine utilizes refined manufacturing methods and high efficiency components in its assembly, which contributes to a long service life.  Low internal friction is assured by the use of such technologies as roller lifters, low piston ring tension, and microfinishing of the crankshaft.  The reciprocating parts are of lightweight design to reduce noise and vibration. 

Components such as the C3I ignition system, and multiport fuel injection, combined with a single belt accessory drive, keep maintenance to a minimum.  The high integrity electronic control systems combine to ensure high fuel efficiency.