WHAT!?! You have a GM 3.4L LOWER INTAKE LEAK too!

last update: 22May05 -
(no longer actively updated)

So, your low coolant light came on for the second time in a week!  You look around and no external coolant leaks.  You decide to check the oil.  Oil cap &  PCV  are coated with white sludgy crap.  Guess where the the COOLANT went ... into the CRANKCASE!

In response to the overwhelming evidence I found while researching my own vehicle, I have created this site to inform others of this Coolant-Oil leak problem with the lower GM intake manifold gasket on late 3.4L V6 GM 199x - 200x Pontiac Montana, Chevy Venture, GrandAm, Alero, etc.

Unfortunately, GM has played the "wait-it-out" card.  They will win.  There are a few active sites out there as of  22May05 dealing with this problem.  Good luck!







Site Started 12/4/02 to keep the public/victims informed about the lower  intake manifold gasket leak on the GM/Pontiac/Chevy V6 3.4L engines.



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