How to fly

Everybody can experiment with shamanic technique, It may not make you a shaman, but will help you connect to the source. The most often used way is rhythm,everything in thes universe is rhythm or wave, as scientists say. Shamans use it in drumming or/and dancing.
But you do not need a drum, anything that can make a sound is ok. Including your hands.
You can also use prerecorded material, but this has the drawback of you not to be able to control the pace, but it will not disturb your neighbors.
Once you have found you instrument, make shure you use it only for shamanic work, so that your conciosness will only connect it with shamanic work, not with doing the dishes.
Do not expect anything extreme to happen during your first experiments:
Find a place where you are safe and undisturbed,
sit or lay in a confortable position,
relax and say any prayer you like
start drumming, clapping, ringing etc.
do so in a regular rhythm
concentrate on this sound,
From here on anything or nothing may happen. It differs fron any person. In my case, I first start gigling,than find myself siting on a hill in the middle level,- shamans of many traditions experience a threelevel world- Underworld, Middle World, Heaven or Upper World-,
The Middle World is identical with ouer sphere.
Here you find earth spirits, animal spirits, ancestors, some gods etc.
The Underworld is realm of some scary spirits,it is a place where one can encounter his/her darkest fears, but its dwellers can empower you. Some dead spirits are there and this realm is often seen as the land of the dead, which I can not entirerly confirm, but the spirit of death resides here.
The upper world is realm of many gods, ancestor spirits etc. It is the place where you can find the spirits of the sun, as an example.
There is a tree connecting all those worlds, its called the world tree, in eurasian shamanism, the shaman travels on this tree between the worlds.
But it is not the only way. Helping spirits may take you to heaven, for example. Meet mine:
Give yourself time to explore those worlds, rush will not do , also do not neglect the "real" world, there are many powers here,too. All realities are interwowen.

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