Materialism has reduced us to mere bodies , beings without any deeper meaning besides ouer personal existence, if all we have is this body and its life, we can be controlled by controlling ouer body. Bodies are given names, nationalities; bodies are discriminated if the are not the norm assigned to them. It is hardly possible for any of us today to change ouer nationality, we are owned throu the body. The death of traditions and religions has taken us from the ancient view of being part of a greater whole, part of an ancestral chain that came from the beginning of time and would continue after us. We are nothing but an atom lost in an material universe, which seems cold and unresponsive to us. Wo thinks of the pains that ouer ancestors experienced to get us here? Who knows what is the origin of the matter that comprises ouer body, much less the energy that is life? Or what it went trough? How many forms and stages it took? But without even considering this how could one feel home in this space and time? My Grandmother needed to smugle fish across the diveded germany in order to keep her family from starving, her mother had to marry a man she did not love. Without them I would not be. The water I drink has been a cloud, a river, uncoutable times, it contains trace elements which once where a living being, now dissolved. Does its life echo in me? The food grown in home ground, was it not the life of ouer ancestors, who buried in their homeland would give life to the soil? Today who knows where ouer food comes from? We have no connection to it , but does not it is what ouer body will become? If you eat meat from cows that have been fed with the remains of animals which had disease, that had been used in animal labs; even so cows are vegeterian; then what will become of your body? Can you feel the land if the food you eat comes from far? Can you know who you are without knowing those before you ,Which made you very existence possible? Religion conected people , forged bonds between atoms of individual life. Tradition linked strangers and connected generations. Today there are no teachings of the divine, even more it is often looked down upon those who search for it. It is oldfashioned, backwards, primetive,etc. Uncool. Be refusing to aknowledge the divine origin of existence, we have become mere material, ready to be formed, ready to consume. Life is material that can be used, changed, sold,etc But what are you ? Material? Shure many of ones body parts can be put into somebody else, but what of ones dreams and hopes and fears? Can you sell them , transplant them? What are you them ? That replaceable body or you dreams, hopes etc?