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This page is for the purpose of acessing information on our lovely island Eleuthera. Feel free to view the page and contact me if there is something you cannot find.

If your looking for a place to stay or to send a message to someone on the island don't hesitate to contact me. I'll see that it gets done.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a wonderful day at Northside Beach Club in Rock Sound Eleuthera, Bahamas. A group of friends and I, including six beautiful girls from the United States, had a lovely day at the beach side restaurant. The beach itself is one of the most breath taking in the entire archipelago of islands and the food and service at the Restaurant/bar proved to be wonderful. We ended up making plans for the beach party after spending a wonderful night of partying and dancing at the Fish Fry at Governors Harbor the night before.

The fish fry is a weekly event that takes place in Governors harbor at Anchor Bay. Its mostly a community street party, a wonderful display of Food, drinks, dancing and wonderful music played by the islands most famous DJ,Chaffi. The Fish Fry takes place every Friday night from 7PM until Midnight when all the locals from all over the island congregate for a great street dancing festival. The setting is a roadside side thatch venue at Anchor Bay and there are eight thatch stalls setup to serve you many of the Bahamas most popular dishes including, fried fish, Conch salad, Cracked Conch, Stewed fish, barbecued Chicken, grilled conch and many more varieties of dishes including peas and rice and lobster salad to name a few, its simply marvelous. In attendance you,ll also find a variety of Club med guests and GO's from the all inclusive beach resort located just across the island on the ocean side of Governors Harbor as well as tourists living in the many vacation cottages scattered in every village along the island.

After our wonderful night at the Fish Fry we headed over to Ronnies Rebel room located a short walk away on the famous island across the bridge,Cupids Cay', where we spent the night dancing away to reggae, rap and calypso music again orchestrated by the delightful DJ, Chaffi. We partied until 3am in the morning and had a wonderful fun road trip forty miles up the island back home to our village of Tarpum Bay.

These girls, mostly from Chicago and St. Louis consider Tarpum Bay their home as well since they come down to visit us and have fun with us twice a year during the month of May and December. Two things are happening during both of those times, the Mahi mahi(dolphin fish) are running on the western Atlantic just east of the island as they do in December as well and during the Christmas season we have a wonderful nation wide party/celebration called Junkanoo which dates back to the early slavery days which is when the celebration of Junkanoo started among the slaves as a way of releasing their frustrations against the masters in a nonviolent way. The rushes, as they are called, are done musically with the aid of Goat Skin drums, cow bells and whistles, another street festival similar to carnival in Rio. Any Friday night is a great time to have a great party here, enjoying the handiwork of the natives and the effects of the wonderful Pineapple and coconut rum, not to mention the Bahama mamas, a wonderful fruity drink concocted by some Nassauvian mixologist. So there we were on Saturday midday at North Side beach bar being hosted by manager Julian and his wonderful chef in the kitchen, Miriam. We spent most of the day tanning on the beautiful North Side beach which borders the western Atlantic ocean, heating up in the sun laid out tanning and taking the necessary cooling swim in the wonderful Atlantic ocean to break the beating rays of the noon day sun. The girls love this beach and visit it religiously each time they come down in order to bring back memories of good times past having great fun and frolicking in the warm Bahamian hospitality and sunshine. We really love to see them break away during these times they visit us, leaving behind the baggage of US taxes, jobs and family as we delightfully caress each other with lavish servings of love and friendship as we bask in the glorious Bahamian sun and cool evenings at one of the local bars in town or somewhere else at one of the islands many cozy night time dance bars. Eleuthera is generally famous for its unique charm and its ability to keep dedicated tourists coming back again and again because of its relaxed, charming, people and its lovely natural pink sandy beaches. You don't have to go far to experience any of this fun since there are so many beaches and people waiting to take you on a tour of the island they are so proud to be a part of. The people are delightful and always willing to share some of themselves with their tourists in order to give them the greatest travel experience they have ever had. If your interested in having the time of your life come down to Eleuthera, Bahamas and experience the culture of another wonderful island filled with tranquillity, love and lasting friendship.

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