NeoGzus saves :)
Since earth is the Land of the Gods, you should choose your Gods to pray to according to your personality and how they feel themselves, that way YOU feel the way they feel.
Me and my paintball gear
Pearly whites:D
The Psychic Army will rule the world!!!
ME Me me(pics)
My Unreal tournament 2003 maps
Hey there,
I'm imagining you got here just to get a taste of me and my personality.
age:21 height:6'1" weight:180lbs, Br hair, br eyes.

Likes: Paintball, Drawing(tatoos and action/fantasy), painting(digital is my fav), Titties and beer, map designing for videogames(ut2003 is my fav. Look for Ultimate Survival paintball mod coming late 2003 early 2004) I got a movie coming out in 2010 called "Land of the Gods: The endless Dream" It'll be a message from god;) about the fascinating world of the Afterlife.

Job: Freelance artist/writer, level designer.

Fav music: Rock, heavy metal, industrial, electronic, rap metal, meditative trance.
Bad habits: Smoking, Partying hard,

Fav games: Unreal tournament 2003, Half-life and counter-strike, Black Hawk Down, Medal of Honor:Allied Assault/spearhead, GTA:vice city, Command and Conquer: RA2 and Generals, Battlefield 1942/w Deset Combat.

Fav movies: The Matrix 1&2, The Animatrix, Terminator 1&2, Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, Half-Baked, American pie 1&2 Van Wylder, dumb & dummer, Bruce almighty and more.
my info:
Gary "NeoGzus" Malmgren
aka Sensei 2 the world
aka The God of Peace
aka PsyOps Ranger
ICQ#: 70964375
AIM:  NeoGzus
Yahoo: Gmalmgren or Neothegodofpeace
My maps for the UT2003 "Ultimate survival" paintball mod
Maps In Development
My first work as a digital artist