Stained and Leaded Glass
Stained and Leaded Glass
Designs by Brian Gebo
I have been doing stained glass for 25 years. Inside you will find a pictures of some of his work. Many photo's of my previous works were lost in a house fire in 2000. He is the copyright holder for "The first stained glass telephones" 1984 and also "the wilderness collection of clocks" 1981.
I have found that through creativity you can actually pass along the spirit in which you create with.
The most incredable pieces just seem to flow together. It's when that happens that I reach greater expectations. I do have a need to create that drives me to continue to create.
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Jennifers Path was created for a Custom home on Isleboro Maine. With over 1200 pieces and 50 inches wide by 48 inches high it was a challenge
Stepping Stones
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