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In 1976 I began the search for my ancestral roots. That search has continued for the past 20 years developing into the most rewarding hobby I have ever undertaken. While I have been very successful on some lines the paternal side of my family has been a big frustration. Today, as you read this, you may hold the key that will end that frustration.

My search has been very rewarding. Through the internet and various genealogy bulletin boards I have met some of the most wonderful family genealogists ever and have made many friends. There are several I would like to mention here. Betty Lee Johnson, has become a very special friend and mentor, Marie Wiggins is a very dear friend and a wealth of knowledge on Chesterfield County families. This web page was developed to share this research and maybe reach someone else who are searching these lines.

If you have data that will benefit Chesterfield County researchers I will gladly post it here on my web page.


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