Website of: James Schultz

Welcome to my website, and welcome to you who have come. This website recently went through a complete overhaul. Some of you might be asking yourself, "Hrrm.. I wonder why the site went through a complete overhaul?" Well, I'm glad you asked. I overhauled this site as a trial run with Dream Weaver. I liked how it turned out, so now I'm keeping it.

"Yeah but, what if we liked the old, shitty, pictures stuck on a black background?" Well... TOUGH! This how it's staying soldier, so you better start liking it. That's an order! No, but seriously, how could you like that over this? All perfect shiny and new look.

I'm trying to fill up at least a page's worth with text, that way you can observe the cool scrolling effect that the "hidden" (borderless) table provides. If I just stuck it all on one page, you wouldn't get the cool scrolling effect. But, if I can't fill up a page with text, you won't get the scrolling effect either. If I can't fill this page up, I might as well have written it all on one page. It would have been better to, it would have saved me time.

If you can think of something worthwhile for me to say here, I'd be glad to hear it. Anything I could think of, that would be useful, would be covered by some other section. Anyway, if you can think of something useful for me to say, that is not covered by another section, email me at

I think I've just about filled up a page with text. Now, ensha Allah, you will get the impressive scrolling. Woooooo!

Due to the fact that GEOCITIES SUCKS!.. I have had to redo the site and add the links to the left-hand side of the screen. Ugly!.. Actually... it's not worth my time. Forget it. Just imagine the camo pattern on the left, and the anchor globe and eagle on the top, when you click a link. Pfft!

Alright, Geocities doesn't suck so much anymore, they fixed the problem of busting my frames when you click on another like. Thank god I didn't change anything.


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