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Representing the 5th Generation
Descendants of John & Sophia

Many articles and documents have been written by descendants of this family. If you are a member of our family, and would like to know more about us, please e-mail me (below).
Family Photo taken in the early 1900's, about 1902.  Apparently a Thanksgiving dinner invitation meant to come early; the events included butchering, cleaning and cooking the chicken dinner.  You can see they had fun doing this, as this formal photograph indicates.
Family members in this photo include: (Back Row) #1 - Paulina Sack Ladwig (Mrs. Charles) , #4 - Daisy Robertson Ladwig (Mrs. Albert) ; #7- Marie Hoth Ladwig (Mrs. Will); #8 William Ladwig (son of Ferd); #9 - possibly Carl F, Ladwig; #10 - Charles H. Ladwig (son of Carl); Second Row: #2:possibly Opal Ladwig,  #6 - George Ladwig (son of Ferd);#7 - a son of George Ladwig;  #8 - Albert Ladwig (son of Ferd); FRONT ROW: #1 - possibly Mary Folmer Kalkbrenner Ladwig; 3rd wife of Carl F. Ladwig. Young girl in window may be Lucille Ladwig, dau. of George and Anna (Miller) Ladwig   Do you identify any of these persons?
The following surnames are included as, but not limited to, the descendants (and their spouses) of John Frederick Ladwig and his wife Dorothea Sophia (Pagelsdorf) Ladwig:
Angelich, Bales, Barker, Bauer, Beeler, Beightol, Belschner, Bierbaum, Bigalk, Blume, Bock, Brandt, Brawley, Brecher, Brown, Brunscheon (Bruncheon), Bruner, Busch, Butterfield, Capps, Clauson, Cook, Craker, Cranfill, Creager, Diddams, Drape, Ernst, Eygabroad, Faust, Feichert, Fjare, Fleck, Folmer, Folberth, Foss, Frederick, Freese, Frost, Gamez. Gibbons, Giddens, Gillies, Gitch, Grahlmann, Granner, Guerrence, Guild, Haag, Hack, Hampton, Hansen, Hanson, Harshberger, Hartwig, Hehmke, Henderson, Hill, Hof, Hogg, Honeck, Hoth, Iverson, Jakubezak Janulewicz, Jasper,  Johansson, Johnson, Kalkbrenner, Kammeyer, Kehn, Kerkhoff, Kliener, Klotz, Koerth, Kralik, Krause, Krueger, Krauter, Ladwig, Lang, Larson, Layton, Lee, Leininger, Little, Madden, Maeder, Mattke, McAdams, McBride, McMahon, McMeans, Metz, Miller, Milton, Mohling, Moehling, Morehouse. Munger, Osborn, Pagelsdorf, Peters, Peterson,  Plake, Plopper, Potts, Quaal, Raven, Reed, Reeder, Rettkowski, Rider, Robertson, Rogers, Rose, Ruby, Russ, Sack, Sanchez, Schumaker, Schmauss, Schmidt, Schmolke, Schulz, Schumacher, Seifken, Sidnam, Siervertsen, Simmons, Stubberud, Songberg, Steege, Sullivan, Sundeen, Sunding, Swan, Tesch, Trangmoe, Tews, Tyler, Vogt, Westergaard, Whewell, Whitehead, Wievesiek, Williams, Wodke, Wolke, Woodke, Wright, Young.

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If you are interested in more information about any of these surnames, e-mail me....
This web site was started in July 2002. Its primary focus is to present our Ladwig family branch so that others from this branch may join us in learning of our rich heritage.
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This family web site is dedicated to all of our family members who have left us for a more wonderful place.  Our thanks to all of them for helping us to grow as the family that we have become.
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