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I've been a fan of 1960 to 1966 GMC's and their over-engineered, under-appreciated V-6 engines since I was in high school, when my dad bought a brand new 1965 GMC Suburban.  He's still got it, too.  See pictures of it at "1965 one ton" below.  Pictured above are the pickup I restored in 1999, and my Suburban, which I plan to keep forever!

The pickup shown above was sold on April 12, 2003.  It now resides in Minnesota.
"Before" and "during" restoration pictures of the
1966 pickup.
More "after restoration" pictures of the
1966 pickup.
More pictures of the 1962 Suburban.
Pictures of the
red 1965 pickup I used to own.
Pictures of my V-6 powered
1967 pickup.
Pictures of Dad's
1965 one ton Suburban.
Pictures of other
GMC Suburbans.
Other miscellaneous
GMC stuff I've collected.
See Jim Carter's first
Truck of the Month.
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