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Trunks = Vegeta and Bumaís child first seen in the cell saga


Gohan = Gokuís son


Goku = Gohan farther, one of the strongest fighters in the universe


Piccolo = A Namek who was once gokuís greatest enemy but later becomes close friends


Denda= Young Namek who later becomes the watcher of the earth.


Kame = Watcher of Earth before Denda


Freeza = Evil monster who was once the strongest fighter in the universe until he was defeated by Goku , First appearance in the freeza saga


Cell = Also one of the strongest fighters in the universe until he was destroyed by gohan in the cell saga.


Buma= Trunks Mother


Mr. Po po = The watcher of the earth servant


Super Saiyan = a Saiyan who has reached is full potential in being a saiyan a exceeds to the next level as a super saiyan


Goten= Gokuís second child


Chi chi = gokuís wife


Grillin= Gokuís best friend since childhood


Maiyan Vegeta= Vegeta after he gets the Maiyan mark


Vegeta= Trunkís father who also competes to be better that goku


Kakarat=Gokuís Saiyan name


Radish= one of the fighters on the Ginyu force