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Nintendoís Gamecube

Nintendo is scheduled to release a new system called the Gamecube around sometimes next year near the fall season. Most people do not know what to expect after the fall of the N64 for but from what I have seen I believe it will survive in this game eat game world

Microsoftís X- Box

Microsoft is scheduled to release the x-box sometime around next year, which I canít wait for because it will be an U.S. based system. Also if you havenít seen the graphics theyíll win you over to, because it like you in your own 3D personalized world which is not that bad

Gameboy Advance

Can you say advanced class? Well I hope you can. Because for know on that will be pretty much what you will be hearing in relation to the Gameboy. Because Nintendo has now made a new type of gameboy called the Gameboy Advanced which has, better graphics, equipment, sound, and is able to hook up to you know who the Gamecube


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Final Fantasy Movie

Final has a movie coming out that should be here sometime this summer; hope youíre as eager to see it as I am.

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3 days before

The gamecube is scheduled to be released 3 day before the x-box do you think it will have an affect on its sells.