Gundam Wing Characters 




Gundam Wing

Hero huie his gandam is zero1 the most powerful of the gundam pilots he is a 16year old boy who was trained to be assassin he got his code name (HeroHuie), from a former assassin


Dewell Maxwell was just A rich boy how got a scientist to make him gundam pilot, and assassin       


gundam called deathsite


Wu-fa He is a young assassin just like hero except he lives in china         


Gundam called natiku


Troia Barton  A Gundam pilot who had no name until he got a job as a janitor at a scientists lab and then the scientist and his crew shot the real Troai Barton and gave him his identity as Troia Barton  


 gundam called  ??????


 Katra Winnerbarbra  A rich boy who became a leader of his  own  army and bought him a scientist to train him to be a assassin and build a gundam  


gundam call sand rock