A 10 year old with an aspiration to become a Pokemon master and wanting to be the best of them all, . In the first episode, he winds up being late to meet Professor Oak and , and finds the ones he wanted are already taking! Oak then gives him an usual pokemon called Pikachu. Ash soon finds out all about Pikachu's "electric" personality, and finds himself more being owned by the stubborn little pokemon than owning him.

Misty act as a brat, but on the inside she is really a good girl. She is kind to everyone, except Ash. She always is bothering him about her bike, and what he's going to do to replace it. She loves pokemon, and travelling with Ash and Brock is really what she enjoys doing. (favorite type=water)

Brock is the eldest, who is full of raging hormones.. Of course, the females are mostly bimbos, excluding Misty, and don't take it to heart, if they even understand it.

Pikachu one of the most popular and lovable pokemon. In the cartoon, he kicks butt, and tags along outside of his pokeball

A new character in come into senn once Brock leaves Professor Ivy with her Pokémon research in Valencia. Loves Pokemon and love sketching pictures of them.


Ash’s opponent who is so far a head of Ash in the race to become the greatest Pokemon master.

Jessie  and James
And evil trio who is  always up to and evil plain of taking rare Pokemon or catching Ash’s Pikachu

A Meowth that is in the group with team rocket that can actually walk and talk.


Other Characters

Nurse Joy
Nurse Joy and all of her sisters with the same name and same look are found in nearly every town in the land of Pokemon. She works at the Pokecenter healing hurt pokemon.


Proffessor Oak
Professor Oak is the person to call when you need pokemon info. In younger age he was a trainer just like most others. But now in his old age, he studies pokemon, and created the pokedex for trainers to learn info on pokemon and write info about when you come across new pokemon. He gave Ash Pikachu.

Officer Jenny
Officer Jenny is your average ditzy female often found in watered-down Japanese Anime like Pokemon. She is in most towns and just does her thing, like try to stop Team Rocket and train her Growliths. Every Jenny found in different towns wear a unique symbol, which Brock uses to distinguish each of them!