Here you will find nothing but codes for the PSX.

3 Extreme

At the main menu option highlight memory card and press right to access a hidden code option press x and input in any of the following password.

All alien=astromens

Race as bink=bink

Race as blue car=blue line

Race as domiique=Dominique

Race as geep=geep

Race as lugnut=lugnut

Race as nyub=nyub

Race as red car=redline

Race as tp=tp

Race as the white car=whiteline

Agile warrior f-IIIX

Pause the game and enter the following codes

All missions are available=square, square, square, square ,up ,triangle ,triangle ,triangle ,rightdown ,x ,triangle ,triangle ,triangle ,up ,up ,up,

Invincibility=left, square, square, square, square, up, triangle, triangle, triangle, right, circle, down,x , triangle, triangle, square,

Bubsy 3D

99 livves= xmucholife

All rockets=xtoorocket

Bonus round = xbnschtmmm

Level cheat = xlvlchtmsb

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Advanced intelligence= x-x!vq

Axe lord armor= axearmor

Play as ritcher= ritcher

Colony wars

Access all missions,levels,acts,and movies=Commader*Jeffer


Crash Bandicoot

Super password=triangle, triangle,triangle, triangle,x,square,triangle, triangle,triangle,triangle,square,x, triangle ,circle, triangle, triangle, triangle ,circle ,square, triangle ,x, x, x, x

Crime Killer

Stage 5 = triangle ,circle, circle, circle,circle,circle,circle,circle,square, triangle,


Play as evil Bishamo= at the fighter select screen, put the cursor on bishamon, press and hold select, then press then press any button.


All keys= square,triangle, ,x, triangle, x,triangle,x

Invicibilty=square,triangle,o,square twice,triangle,o,o,square,triangle, square,x

Die hard trilogy

Enter codes while games in paised

Goofy mode= press and hold r2,then press down,o,o down, triangle,down,

Invincibility=press and hold r2,then press left,right,up,down,square

Stick man mode= press and hold triangle10 times,then right 4 times