Sailor moon Characters



Sailor Moon-

Serina  who is sailor moon was once an ordinary teenager living a typical life.But soon found out her special ability as sailor moon and with a few simple words such as ( moon prism power) she is sailor moon.Later on in the series she learns that she is the sailor princess.


-Sailor Mercury-


Sailor mercury is the Normal genius in the group of Sailor scouts. Though she is the weakest of all of them , her brains come in use with the sailor scouts a may times.


-Sailor Mars-

Rei is gifted with seeing images in the fire. Then came her title as sailor mars.


-Sailor Jupiter-

Lita is one of the tallest and most outrageous spirit of the bunch. After being kicked out of her last school for fighting she meet Sarina and the gang



-Sailor Venus-

Sailor Venus was already making her move as a scout before she grouped up with the rest of them. She was the last character to be presented wit h the news that she was a sailor scout


-Sailor Uranus-

Uranus was a real tomboy who was sent along with Neptune to help save the universe.


 -Sailor Neptune-


One of the scouts who was sent to help save the world along with sailormoon and her gang


-Sailor Saturn-


. One of the "Outer Senshi", who is as strong as sailor moon with her attacks.

-Sailor Pluto-


Watcher over time and dear friend to rine. She was seen in the US series.