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Greetings, and welcome to my personal web page.

A little about me:

Name: GMDak (of course :) )
Age: 28
Married: Yes, happily for a year and a half+ now.
Occupation: Software Engineer
Hobbies: Guitar, hiking, backpacking, snow skiing, water skiing, (ok I could list them all, lets say basically anything outdoors), reading, computer games (most any kind), movies, and rock-n-roll baby.
Role Playing: Ain't this a hobby? Well yes, but something I really enjoy so I thought I would like it seperately. If you'd like to learn more, check out my current activities here:

Role Playing Campaign Web Site

OpenRPG 1.4.1 Plugin Patch

For those looking for the 1.4.1 OpenRPG Plugin patch you can find it here:
[Link] - 1.4.1 OpenRPG Patch (sorry no installer)

Install instructions

Just unzip into your OpenRPG 1.4.1 installation folder.

New d20 Damage System

[Link] - Here is a new d20 damage system I'm working on. It pulls elements from the Twilight: 2000, Top Secret/S.I., and WEG Star Wars RPG gaming systems together in a d20 format.