Atkins does work!
Before Atkins at 250 pounds (January 2003) During Atkins at 188 (December 2003)

I started the Atkins Way of Life in May of 2003 because I was tired of being "fat". I have been large for most of my life, since about the age of 12. In my teen years, I did a lot of weight training and consequently, ballooned up in weight after not hitting the gym in years. My top weight was 280 pounds! I got seriously ill and lost down to about 230, then jumped back up pretty quickly to 250.

Many of my friends, most notably a young lady named Atlee, had been doing Atkins with great success. I was skeptical, as I had a lot of preconceived notions, spurred by the rumors and what not about the "diet" itself. When my girlfriend began it, our life changed dramatically. We no longer had our favorite foods in common and I began to experiment and research Atkins to better be able to cook for her.

Through this experimentation, I learned about the balance of the Atkins plan and thought, "I can do this..."

...and here I am. I still have about 20 pounds to go, but I feel great and have had no qualms about my choice to follow a new way of eating. I'm looking forward to joining a gym and get back to strength training.

I've talked with many friends about the Atkins Way Of Life and many more people are losing and feeling better about themselves, mentally and physically. These people are my support. Whenever I look in the mirror and worry I won't make it, or when I haven't lost for a week or two, I have a constant reminder in these folks that it will continue to work and the alternative is much worse. I will make it.

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