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I'm spend much of my time working alone. I like the low stress. Change the world guy! I prefer out-doors to in-doors but spend a lot of time indoors. Soren Kierkegaard says that people don't kill themselves because they deliberate upon it, the deliberating is what kills them. One of my current projects is building a business (see the photo album). I like debating the merits and necessity of the Taxation Justice proposal. I'm a 'member' at a number of political discussion groups, mostly at MSN.
My Briefcase
I feel good at gardening and gardening crafts. Taking the occasional load to the garbage bump for someone and recycling is a highlite to the week but it's a lot of work. I'm looking forward to expanding my skills and to build a work shop. I want to cast in metal, glass and concrete and build machinery from old parts. For that I may need some more tools. Please visit the photo page, there you shall find photos of some jobs. You shall find the link for it to the right, which I intend to update as I accomplish more photo scanning.
It's good to have family. I'm sure I have pictures around here somewhere. My name's George. If you'd want to get in touch (communicate), feel free to send an e-mail.