Grand Mere Rifle & Pistol Newsletter

Vol 3 Issue 1

March 13, 2002

Clean Up Days
Its that time of year again, time for spring cleaning. The third weekend in April has been set for this years spring clean up. That's April 20th an 21st. You can contact Mike for information on how you can help and on what days you can help. Saturday will be a wash the walls, paneling, tables, counter tops and cupboards. Plus clean the yard of limbs, move the rocks back into the driveway, trim bushes and other outside jobs. What isnt done Saturday will be done Sunday plus wash and clean the floor in the club room and range. Hopefully we will have enough help to get some of the lead out of the backstop and put more saw dust in. As you can see we will need all the help we can get to complete this in a weekend.

Thanks in advance for your help.

                        Fun Shoot               
Jerry has set up another 22 cal. rifle fun shoot to be held at the Club on the 27th. The last 2 fun shoots were a success in my opinion. Seems that 7 or 8 shooters show up, shoot have a great time, then show up for the next shoot. Each week the shoot is a little different so no knows what's next (except maybe Jerry). We shoot entry level rifles nothing fancy and just have a blast (pun intended). This for the parents and kids to come out and have a few hours of fun together, show the kids how to have fun shooting safely with like minded people. So come out and join us at the next shoot. The plan is to have a fun shoot every other Saturday till summer.