Romeo’s Tragic Flaw

Romeo kills himself for what? The thing he feels in his heart which he says is love. The same love he has felt time after time and now he says it is the true thing. If it was the true thing, we will never know because the play “Romeo and Juliet” is a tragedy. Romeo, the tragic hero of the play, had a fatal flaw within himself causing him to commit suicide by Juliet’s side. Due to his actions the two feuding families established a new social order between themselves.

A tragic hero is a character whose destiny turns out to be tragic, often resulting in death. In “Romeo and Juliet”, Romeo is the tragic hero who is so unfortunate to fall in love with yet another girl. He had no idea that Juliet would be the death of him. Romeo saw Juliet as his destiny. She meant so much to him that when he saw her lying in her tomb, supposedly dead, he could not live to see another day without his true love. His misfortune was that he had not yet received the message which had been sent, telling him to be at Juliet’s side when she awoke from the deep sleep she had been put under. When he saw her he felt he had no reason to live, for he thought she was dead. Romeo is a tragic hero because he killed himself for a reason which did not exist.

In “Romeo and Juliet” there were several fatal flaws that lead to the death of characters in the play. Romeo’s flaw was that he was always falling in love and when he met Juliet, he once again instantly feel in love and never looked back. There was no stopping his love, for his heart and mind were both moving faster than a run-a-way train going down the steepest tracks in the world. He was sure this was his last love, for he could not love anyone more than he loved Juliet. Therefore, he did no slow down when it came to his love for Juliet. He had no real chance to see if his love for Juliet was meant to be. At the rate his love was going the only thing that could slow him down would be death and this was his fatal flaw. His love for Juliet was the cause of his death. Romeo did not have the chance to find out the real meaning between himself and Juliet. When both Romeo and Juliet were dead, their families realized their children had loved one another. If their children could get along so well, why couldn’t they?

In Romeo and Juliet’s honor, each family built a statue in honor of the other families child. The Capulets built a statue of Romeo and the Montagues built a statue of Juliet. The death of Romeo and Juliet resulted in a new social order among the two families.

Was it really necessary for two people to die in order for there to be a friendship between the Montagues and the Capulets? Romeo killed himself for his love of Juliet due to his fatal flaw of love and life. This resulted in the play being a tragedy. The most that came out of the tragedy was the new social order, the friendship between the two families.

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