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Flash Fiction

Jenica 207853164

A 100-word story set in the year 2078.
Featured in the very first issue of One Red Isle, an online site dedicated to flash fiction. Check them out!

Emmie Lou

Another 100-word story. Featured in One Red Isle's October, 2001 issue.

X-Files Fan Fiction

**Please note story ratings and proceed only if you are of legal age to do so.**


A rather sudden encounter between Mulder and Scully.
Rated NC-17.


He shouldn't have had that last shot, and he shouldn't have knocked, and he should never come to Scully's after he'd been drinking.
Rated NC-17.

About Gnatalie

Gnatalie is a slacker/lollygagger living in Los Angeles. She drives a convertible and has a large collection of vintage lunchboxes. She is fond of cheese and Frango Mints. She doesn't like people who talk about themselves in the third person.

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Gnatalie has many names. More of her fanfic can be found at: The House of Lysandra ... she runs a fun archive called WetFic, so check them all out!