“Anti-psychotics (drugs)...and anti-depressants have been in use since the 1950s to correct chemical imbalances in the brain which are thought to be causes of mental illness. These drugs have created a revolution in psychiatry...there will probably be even more effective drugs for mental illness--correcting the chemical imbalance in the brain without producing the severe side effects which today’s patients must endure.” (The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs, 1986)


The year is 2015 A.D. Pastor Sleepwell steps up to the pulpit and says: “Friends, today is the 15th Anniversary of our beloved church–The First Psychotropic Church of Snoresville. Looking back on this notable day, we owe a great debt to psychiatry, since it entered the churches in the 1960s and 1970s. Oh, there was resistance at first, to this scientific blessing , but after the national “lithium carbonate debate” at the turn of the century was won and Federally established in our drinking water as the law of the land, ‘tranquility’ entered all of our lives. Peace, patience, self-control, gentleness, love, joy, goodness, faithfulness, kindness–are now only a faucet length away... We would like to thank Doctors Greadie, Kashdolar, and Kloanall, our church members, for providing free Valium, and Haldol pill dispensers for each pew, as well as Ritalin in a candy base for the Sunday school children, as their donation to the church. Since we added comprehensive psychotherapy for all our church members as our new in-church counseling service 5 years ago, we became the first church in this town to be 100% psychiatrized, and will be distributing the latest “no side effects” drugs to all members as soon as they are available in order to continue the tranquil unity and good mental health among the brethren according to psychiatric standards that has blessed our church. For communion today, we will have red liquid Cogentin, and a special Mellaril wafer. Let’s eat; let’s drink; and be mellow...”

This short imaginary story might sound like George Orwell wrote it; but if the trends continue that the churches are following today, this imaginary story may not be so far fetched.

When behavioral responsibility is replaced by chemical dependency on mind-altering and behavior-managing drugs, we have a contemporary revival of an ancient sin called SORCERY. The new practices of sorcery have many new names and faces. Sorcery drugs are now called “psychotropics”, “neuroleptics”, “major or minor tranquilizers”, “neuro-toxins”, or just plain...psychiatric drugs. Sorcery drugs have new names such as Haldol, Mellaril, Prolixin, Thorazine, Trilafon, Stelazine, etc.

Sadly, the only people who seem to have heard about these (psycho-sorcery) drugs are those who use them (or are forced or deceived into using them), and those that write the prescriptions or who dispense them, the sorcerer, and the sorcerer’s apprentices. A sorcerer is a person who prescribes sorcery drugs for the purpose of disabling the brain and gaining behavioral control over a person, with the use of toxic substances over a period of time, until that person comes into conformity to the desired behavior, decided by the sorcerer. (A complete listing of sorcery occupations and institutions where it is being practiced are listed later in this study.)

Modern day psychosorcerers are not only men, but can also be women. Strangely, most of the people involved in sorcery practices today do not know, or realize, that, according to the Bible, they ARE practicing sorcery. (For Christians, there is a penalty for practicing sorcery; Galatians 5:20 & 21; Revelation 22:14 & 15.) The reason they do not seem to know that they are using sorcery is because modern day sorcery uses a new terminology such as “illegally controlled substances” (street drugs), or they masquerade under the “medical model” of “major or minor tranquilizers” or “psychiatric drugs”.

The Bible lists sorcery as practiced by both male and females alike and with street drug pushers and sellers today being as young as 11 or 12 years old, it is no longer an adult sin. However, we may be getting ahead of ourselves. Let us consider, where did sorcery, the use of mind-altering, neuro-toxic drug abuse first begin? What is it’s history, both sacred and secular? Where is sorcery spoken of in the Bible? What is the difference between healing drugs used by the medical profession and sorcery drugs? What has sorcery to do with our present time?


There are 18 usages of sorcery words in the Bible: 13 of them are in the Old Testament and 5 are in the New Testament.

Old Testament References:

Exodus 7:11 & 22:11; Deuteronomy 18:10; 2 Chronicles 33:6; Isaiah 47:9, 12, and 57:3; Jeremiah 27:9; Daniel 2:2; Micah 5:12; Nahum 3:4; Malachi 3:5

New Testament References:

Galatians 5:20; Revelation 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, 22:15

The Hebrew words for sorcery are: kashaph and kesheph. The Greek words are: pharmakeia, pharmakeus, and pharmakos. (This is important because, in the Bible, the Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew and the New Testament was originally written in Greek.) All these words apply to the illicit use of drugs, whether as “street trade” today or in the formal past as a maker of “magic” potions that changed behavior and altered mental states.

The Book of Genesis says in Chapter 1:11 & 12: “Then God said, ‘Let the earth sprout vegetation, plants yielding seed, and fruit trees bearing fruit after their kind, with seed in them, on the earth; and it was so. And the earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed after their kind, and trees bearing fruit, with seed in them, after their kind; and God saw that it was good.”

Here we have the first account of when all vegetation was initially created on planet Earth about 60 centuries ago, including the plants used for medicinal (healing) drugs, and those ABUSIVELY used by witches and sorcerers for evil sorcery purposes, i.e. potions and poisons. We would quickly add here, no natural plant is essentially “evil”, but evil ends make evil means. All plants were created “good” themselves, as plants...but how and what a plant might be used for by man, is another whole matter. Some insects and animals can eat poisonous plants without harm. Others cannot. When man chooses a poisonous plant that would harm or kill a man, and then uses it for that purpose, you have abuse and evil intent. Yet some insect or animal might nibble on the same plant with no apparent ill effects, possibly due to some natural immune system. Today, high tech pharmaceutical laboratories can analyze and produce synthetic drugs by extracting the basic elements in its effective proportions and constructing a “chemical structural formula” which then can be used to duplicate the chemistry of the drug in it’s natural state. These formulas or “structures” can be found scattered throughout the PHYSICIAN’S DESK REFERENCE, but one of the most complete texts with numerous chemical structures is Goodman’s and Gilman’s, THE PHARMACOLOGICAL BASIS OF THERAPEUTICS, Macmillan, 1985.

Sorcery then, is the sinful perversion of using toxic plant chemistries for evil purposes, as defined by the Bible.

Intertwined over the centuries, legal medicine, and witchcraft/sorcery have developed parallel to each other—both professions using many of the same 1000's of species of plants that proliferate on this globe—for their own purposes. Sorcery is first mentioned in the Bible in Exodus 7:11 in Moses’ contest with the Pharaoh, indicating that sorcery was already being practiced in Egypt 35 centuries ago. Later, in Deuteronomy 18:10, Moses wrote into the Law that consulting a sorcerer (male) is forbidden by God, and in Deuteronomy 22:18, that a sorceress (female) should not be allowed to live. We will also have to mention here that witchcraft and sorcery have also been bedfellows with each other over the many centuries, both in secular history and in Bible history. In Deuteronomy 18:10, sorcery and witchcraft are also mentioned in context together. Witchcraft, however, is first mentioned in Scripture in Deuteronomy 18:10 and is only mentioned 5 times in the entire Bible, all in the Old Testament. (Deuteronomy 18:10; 18:14; 2 Kings 9:22, 21:6; 2 Chronicles 33:6) Sorceries, on the other hand, has 18 mentions in the Bible (13 in the Old Testament and 5 in the New Testament) indicating that sorcery will be more prevalent in the latter times, than witchcraft. The ENCYCLOPEDIA OF AMERICAN RELIGIONS lists at least 27 scattered denominations (WICCA) of witchcraft religion in America today, but the organizations that promote the sin of sorcery today, (and most of them in ignorance) are so numerous and have been accepted into the fabric of American society at almost every level, that few people are even aware that such a condition exists at all.


The Hebrew word for “witchcraft” is associated with divination and occult spirit powers. The Greek word for “sorcery”, both in the Septuagint, and the New Testament, is associated with drug abuse, i.e. potions and poisons.

(* An Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words, W. E. Vine

(Reveil, 1966) pg. 51-52, “sorcery, sorcerer”

Thus we see that a witch and a sorcerer tended to be “specialists” in their separate fields of evil endeavor. The witch was more mystical, supernaturally-oriented, involved with casting spells (hypnosis), and dealing with other spirit beings, divining, prognosticating, and foretelling the future, an activity not unlike false prophecy.

Yet, the witch may also have had a “garden”, and might “cut in” on the sorcerer’s black arts. If the witch’s supernatural curses didn’t work on someone, then maybe natural means could be used–and this is where the sorcerer came in...if one was available. The witch’s “garden” might contain many kinds of plants, shunned by the rest of humanity, and then used to make compounds and mixtures that could hurt and kill. Witches often were poisoners. (So were sorcerers, but to a lesser degree.) In the “garden” one might find the red berries of the yew tree, oleander, poinsettia leaves, mistletoe berries, rosary peas, elephant ear plants, rhubarb leaf blades, poison hemlock, Jimson weed (thornapple) or rhododendrons (which were all toxic poisons and cultivated to kill). “Show me your garden and I’ll tell you which you are” could well be applied to the witch and the sorcerer.

Today, the “garden” is called a pharmaceutical laboratory, or a drug store, or for street drugs...a drug pusher. The sorcerer also knew about these poisons...and more, since his specialty was less supernatural, and more pharmacological and naturally-oriented with plant-derived potions that could mind-alter, brain-disable, change behavior, cause non-lethal illness (like what antabuse does when combined with alcohol), slow the reactions of a person down (like Ritalin does to children), slow a person physically down through carefully measured partial poisoning (as is done in nursing homes that use psychiatric drugs to physically and mentally disable old folks) to make them more “manageable” (for the benefit of the staff) or to produce visions, hallucinations or psychedelic effects. A person could be put to sleep chemically if hypnosis didn’t work.

Now, in more modern times, all illegal drug dealers are guilty of the sin of sorcery, in effect, because they assist the drug abusers to escape reality and help them to become addicted to the sin of sorcery. He/she helps the drug abuser to alter his mental state with an artificial, temporary feeling of well-being...when the addict’s REAL life is filled with anything BUT well-being.

God wants man to face his reality and deal with it soberly and with a clear mind, not withdraw from it and substitute a lying chemical deception. The sorcerer caters to, and supplies a false reality...for a fee...of course; and God, Who is a God of truth and Who hates all lies, thus condemns the sorcerer and the user as well. This God of truth would prefer to give to all a NEW reality, that is, the Creator wants to change us personally into a NEW creature as it is written: “Therefore, if any man is in Christ, he is a NEW creature; the old things passed away; behold NEW things have come.” (2 Corinthians 5:17)

To create this NEW reality God doesn’t need plant chemistry to do it. Through the gospel and the gospel alone, He is able to deliver us from the domain of darkness, and transfer us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in Whom anyone can have redemption and forgiveness of all past sins, by believing the gospel of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ plus nothing else. (John 3:16; 1 John 1:7; Colossians 2:13 & 14; Romans 5:18 & 19) All mankind needs the gospel of salvation to get saved from hell. However, for the Christian who gets involved in sorcery, he must realize that his problem is lack of Lordship and outright disobedience, which God views as a work of witchcraft, 2 Samuel 15:23. The habitually carnal Christian must realize that there are penalties waiting for him when he gets to heaven, Revelation 22:15.

In the case of unpleasant drugs (major tranquilizers), the sorcerer does the reverse: it is the SORCERER who wants to impose a different (false) reality on the USER and by persuasion, deception, or coercion, wants the user to take the lying drugs in order to produce an artificial reality–a masked, false behavior–that the sorcerer wants, and not necessarily the user. Either way, the drug abuse of mind altering one’s reality or using drugs to change or control one’s behavior is forbidden by Scripture, no matter what the motives may be or who initiates them.

Thus, over the centuries, and in unenlightened times, the sorcerer has been perceived as a kind of herbal “magician”, able to change behavior and alter mental states with mere potions. Now, in our “enlightened” times,...nothing has changed.

A Cultural Study of Witchcraft and Sorcery From Secular Sources

(What we wish to see here is what the world-view of witchcraft and sorcery is and to demonstrate its persistence in ALL cultures.)

“The term witchcraft commonly has referred to the believed use of supernatural means for harmful, evil ends. In traditional and popular English usage, it is practically synonymous with sorcery. Many anthropologists, however, distinguish between witchcraft as involving an inherent mysterious power (demonic)...and sorcery as the work of ordinary people using deliberate techniques and external means... While the witch moves through...spirit possession, the sorcerer is moved by simple ill will. (1) In many societies, witches are believed to be slaves of aberration and addiction... They are weird, sometimes tragic characters in the human drama... Sorcery, on the other hand usually demands no special attributes and is believed to be practiced by anyone who can acquire the necessary magical substances...or the appropriate magical spells.” (2)

(In many cultures) sorcery may have a variety of social functions: to relieve social tensions; to define and sustain social values; to explain or control terrifying enhance the solidarity of a community against outsiders...even to supply a kind of rough justice. In periods of great social tension...recourse to sorcery tends to grow more common and more intense... Patterns of sorcery exist in virtually all past societies. (3)

An African tribe, the Azandes, were asked what is the difference between a sorcerer and a witch... To Azandes themselves, the difference between the two is that the sorcerer used the techniques of magic and derives his power from “medicines” while the witch...uses psycho-physical powers to attain his ends. Both alike are enemies of men, and Azandes class them together. (4)

Alan Harwood (Witchcraft, Sorcery, and Social Categories Among the Safwa, 1970), has found...(that) the Azandes, the Safwe (tribe) distinguish between the power and “medicine” (onzizi) and a power that they refer to as “ltonga” and that they believe to be inherited and hidden (occult) in its operation.” (5) (witchcraft)

Here we see from secular sources that the sin of sorcery and witchcraft has existed in all cultures from the beginning of the most ancient civilizations. It doesn’t take too much thought to see that once plants were put on this planet, sinful man would, by trial and error, discover plant life for his own evil purposes as well as for his organic healing purposes. It was probably only a short time later, after creation, that “plant” specialists and occult specialists would perfect their specialties, and would, by their forms of “magic” seduce naive and ignorant men, and bring them into spiritual and demonic bondage, as well as the various bondages of the flesh. (Galatians 5:17-21) Such is the continuing mentality even to today in all tribal areas of the world; and the outreach of Christian missionaries is to free such cultures from Satanic slavery that leads to destruction. Here also, in so-called “modern” civilizations like America, we see no difference as regards sorcery and witchcraft from the Tribal areas. The New Age Movement, another form of witchcraft, as well as many esoteric “magic” religions (over 100 denominations in magic, psychic, spiritist, Ancient Wisdom, and occult orders in America today (6)) reveal that witchcraft is alive and well. The new sorcerers–the psychiatric and related industries, still seduce with their chemical “magic” by using a pseudo-scientific, medical model to smokescreen its evil intents. At least in Tribal areas, the people KNOW what is going on in witchcraft and sorcery. Sadly, in supposedly enlightened and civilized cultures, we accept witchcraft in the form of various “religious denominations”, and sorcery as a supposedly “medical healing process” which, of course, it isn’t. While true medical practice has the intention to “heal”, sorcery does not. Psycho sorcery points to its patients (who are drugged with neurotoxic poisons) and says: “See how we have changed his behavior with our wonder drugs”. Then they call THAT therapy...Where is the healing? Do any sorcerers and psychiatrists take these major tranquilizers for their own problems? Of course not! THEY don’t want their brain disabled or fried. They well know the disastrous effects of TARDIVE DYSKINESIA and they sure aren’t going to take their own “medicine”. A ‘wise’ sorcerer makes sure he doesn’t become an addict if he pushes drugs, and a psychiatrist isn’t inclined to bring TARDIVE DYSKINESIA into HIS life. A real medical doctor is not afraid to take his own healing medicine. But not so the psychiatrist with the major tranquilizers. (7) Like all the sorcerers of the past, the psychiatrist sees the need to disable everybody’s brain – for a price – except his own.


There are two basic categories of psycho-sorcery drugs: the pleasant, illegal, controlled substances, which include the addictive drugs, and the unpleasant brain-disablers, that are mostly non-addictive. (8) Both categories produce unwanted and dangerous physical and behavioral side effects, and both are forms of drug abuse, from the Christian Biblical perspective. While everyone easily recognizes “illegal” drugs and drug addiction as “drug abuse”, almost no one at this point in time recognizes psychiatric drugs for what they are–LEGAL drug abuse. The reason they do not know is because they don’t read the Bible. Proverbs 11:14 says:

“But where there is no guidance, the people fall...”

And Jesus said:

“And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” Matthew 15:14

The purpose of this study is to EXPOSE this evil drug abuse as Paul says:

“And do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them;” Ephesians 5:11

FEDERALLY CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES: Any person who illegally sells, possesses, uses, or pushes any of these substances for mind-altering, reality-distorting, behavioral-changing purposes commits the sin of SORCERY. However, we hasten to add that the drugs in these lists can also be legally used by qualified physicians for medical (non-psychiatric) purposes.


Heroin, marijuana, peyote, mescaline, psilocybin, tetrahydrocannabinols, LSD, ketobemidone, levomoramide, racemoramide, benzimorphine, dihydromorphine, morphine methyl sulfonate, nicocodeine, nicomorphine, methaqualone, and others. Currently (as of 1985), there is NO accepted medical use for these psycho-drugs, many of which are hallucinatory.


Opium, morphine, codeine, hydromorphone, methadone, meperidine, cocaine, oxycodone, anileridine, oxymorphone, dextroamphetamine*, and methamphetamine. Also, phenmetrazine, methiphenidate**, amobarbital, pentobarbital, secobarbital, etorphine hydrochloride, and diphenoxylate. These are the highly addictive drugs. *(Dexedrine) **(Ritalin)


Compounds containing opiod drugs and certain non-opiod drugs such as chlorhexadol, glutethimide, methyprylon, sulfondiethylmethane, sulfonmethane, nalorphine, benzphetamine, chlorphentermine, clortermine, phendimetrazine, and certain barbiturates not listed in other schedules. Use of these drugs produces low to moderate dependencies compared to Schedule II.


Barbital, phenobarbital, methyl phenobarbital, chloral betaine, chloral hydrate, ethchlorvynol, ethinamate, meprobamate, paraldehyde, methohexital, fenfluramine, diethylpropion, phenterine, the benzodiazepines, mebutamate, and propoxyphene. These drugs when abused have a limited dependence compared to those in Schedule III. *pemoline *(Cylert)


Prescription and non-prescription preparations containing moderate amounts of opiods used for antitussive or anitdiarreal purposes but having quantity limitations on purchases and possible recording of name and address of frequent purchasers within a short period time.

The side effects of many of these controlled substances in these five Schedules can be found in the PHYSICIANS DESK REFERENCE at any public library.

The second category are the PSYCHIATRIC drugs, the unpleasant brain disabling, mind-altering, and behavioral-changing drugs (major tranquilizers), which are not found in the five Schedules. However, they ought to be in a new Schedule VI and labeled: TOXIC NEURO-POISONS...and banned. All major tranquilizers are poisons that gradually deteriorate the CNS (Central Nervous System).

“Because the major tranquilizers are so neuro-toxic, they produce a wide variety of difficult-to-classify neurologic disorders.” (9) For example, some of the conditions that result from these poisons are:

Acute dyskinesias, often called dystonias - painful, strange muscle spasms resulting in distortions of posture, especially in children.

Continuous dyskinesias, bizarre, involuntary tremors, disfiguring chronic movements.

TARDIVE DYSKINESIA, strange and weird bizarre-type motions of the mouth, tongue, and oral cavity. There is no known treatment and this condition is irreversible. Often there is an accompaniment of severe dysfunction of the mind as well.

Parkinsonism, slowing of all physical motions, severe facial expressions (masked), interrupted walking as a shuffle, vibrating tremors when at rest, and possible depression and mental dysfunction.

Akinesia, desire to remain immobile, possible apathy, indifference. Almost all patients suffer this condition while taking these poisons. (It’s easy to see why, if you take enough dosage of a poison, you will remain PERMANENTLY immobile.)

Akathisia, the opposite of Akinesia (depending on the drug taken), Jitters, severe restlessness, continual motion seemingly related to intense anxiety. Incessant movement to relieve or escape from a painful internal irritation.

Rabbit syndrome, a rare and little understood condition involving a tremor around the oral region.

Major tranquilizers can “mimic” or imitate other diseases. Chlorpromazine (Thorazine) can produce similar effects as found in the disease epidemic encephalitis, encephalitis lethargica, sleeping sickness, or Von Economo’s encephalitis. While most of these diseases are extinct, the imitative effects are now more prevalent due to the use of major tranquilizers. While medical doctors work to end disease and their effects, the psychiatric community now uses drugs that REVIVE the mimicked effects of extinct diseases.

While medical doctors heal, psychiatry DIS-heals. The result is while true medicine has gotten rid of the above viral epidemics, the psychiatrists are producing an epidemic of neurologic disease. How many people worldwide suffer from psychiatric dis-healing? Tens of Millions! (10) Psychiatry uses deceitful terms when these psycho-poisons are miscalled “tranquilizers”. These “tranquilizers” produce anything but tranquility. They produce pain, irreversible brain and muscle damage, and keep a patient in constant anguish. No, major tranquilizers are not “tranquil” from the patient’s point of view, but rather they are the “major agonizers”, a more true and scientifically accurate term for falsely labeled drugs.

Then why are these major tranquilizers being used? The answer is: We are living in a very undisciplined and irresponsible age. In the past 30 years, since the wholesale use of these drugs (not for healing) have been introduced, a corresponding decline in morality has taken place worldwide. The legal system in the meantime, has become gluttonous by an unprecedented increase in crime due to undisciplined behavior and irresponsibility of the citizens. At the same time, the cry of “police brutality” pointed to a non-physical, confrontive, and seemingly corrective solution to the current problems of an undisciplined society. The final solution was psychiatric behavioral drugging control. The KGB had been using it for years in Russia against political dissidents, Jews, Christians and anyone else who would “get out of line”, so why not use it here, in America, for similar control purposes.

The earlier use of major tranquilizers in America was initially in mental institutions, but if it was able to control bizarre and berserk behavior, then why not apply it to ALL areas to control whoever needs “control” for whatever purpose... To complicate matters, especially in Wisconsin and other States, police were no longer able to physically punish criminals in the jails or prisons, by law, and so alternative means were brought in...the pill tray or the hypodermic needle. Since the control NOW was an interior, chemical control, no one could immediately “see” the damage being done, AND, since so few people are aware of the damaging effects of these psycho-drugs. When enough lawyers become aware of the lucrative possibilities in lawsuits against wealthy psychiatrists and psychiatric institutions that have prescribed these drugs that produce debilitating diseases as side effects, perhaps some changes may be forthcoming. Twenty-three lawsuits are pending at the time of the writing of this study concerning the Schedule II drug, Ritalin (FDA) (11). More are forthcoming, concerning major tranquilizers also, as well as increases in malpractice insurance for both medical and psychiatric doctors. (12)

Controlling behavior is the primary motive of using these neuro-toxins which might be court ordered, or voluntarily taken, or forced on a person in some kind of institutional setting, and many times, those who take these drugs have not been fully informed LAWFULLY about their dangerous side effects. The purpose of this kind of sorcery drug is to disable a person from activity not approved of by whatever group or person administers it. It sometimes is used punitively as a form of “rough justice”, or merely to reduce a person’s activity for the benefit of his keepers. some of these motives, however, are illegal by law in Wisconsin. (13)

No matter what the method or motive that is used to justify the usage of major tranquilizers, these drugs are not designed to heal. They are designed and dosages are set to render a person as disabled as the psychiatrist desires. These drugs control minds, feelings, and emotions, and the behavior of their victims and the motives for doing so are frequently covert, disguised, masked, and rationalized, concealing the real motives, both from patient, relatives, and community...and in some cases from State Statute law. (Wis. Stats. 51:61)

The drugs in this second category of sorcery drugs include the generic names of:

1. Aliphatic phenothiazines: chlorpromazine, triflupromazine


2. Piperidine phenothiazines: mesoridazine, piperacetizine, thioridazine


3. Piperazine phenothiazines: acetophenazine, butaperizine, carphenazine, fluphenazine, perphenazine, prochlorperazine, thiopropazate, trifluoperazine


4. Aliphatic thioxanthenes: chlorprothixene


5. Piperazine thioxanthenes: thioxthixene


6. Dibenzazepines: loxapine, clozapine


7. Butytophenones: haloperidol (KGB drug)


8. Diphenylpiperidines: pimozide, penfluridol, fluspirilene (all experimental drugs)

TRADE NAME: ORAP (experimental)

9. Indolones: molindone


10. Rauwolfia Alkaloids: reserpine (Indian snake root)


These are the LEGAL psychiatric sorcery drugs today. The reason they are “legal” is because practically no one outside of Biblical Christianity knows very much about sorcery drugs, which have been smoke-screened into a “medical model” and semantically and linguistically synthesized into medical dictionaries and pharmacological texts AS IF psycho-drugs are “healing” drugs like the true healing medical drugs. However, a careful reading of the psychiatric dictionaries, and without much analysis, one is able to see the distinction between legitimate medical facts in these dictionaries, and mental psychiatric fables.

So-called Christian psychiatrists and Christian psychiatric workers try to combine all psychiatric concepts and terminology into the “medical model”, while remaining deceived to psychiatric non-medical speculations, and unknowingly (or knowingly) continue to practice the sin of sorcery in its new, disguised form.

Peter Schrag has insightfully described what has happened in America over the last several decades when he says:

“In the past 25 years, however, the ideology of medical model intervention and the increasingly “smooth” technologies of control have transformed the various forms of behavior modification into highly attractive methods to maintain the status quo. Harvard law professor, Alan Dershowitz, argues that the courts have not led in this area but have responded to the introduction of CHEMOTHERAPY (major tranquilizer drugs) and legislative pressure to cut institutional budgets. Either way, old categories of disqualification are translated into new, apparently non-invidious labels of medical or social disability, punishment into treatment, discrimination into retardation, service into surveillance. Thus, psychiatrist Leopold Beliak can dream about his “central registries” where “the social, emotional and medical histories of every citizen who had come to attention in any way because of emotional difficulties would be tabulated by a computer” (14). As the law makes it more difficult to lock up deviants arbitrarily, “science” makes it easier to define them as sick and to divert them into programs of treatment–“outpatients” of the mental health system, the education system, the social service system, or the criminal justice system. As it becomes more difficult to discriminate on the basis of race, class, age, or sex, “research” finds new labels to replace the old--the para-psychiatric, the pre-delinquent, the potentially abusive–and technology new ways to control and watch these “deviants”. ...the ultimate technology is the one in which the individual is unaware that his behavior is controlled by any outside agency–in which he no longer knows (or cares) whether he is a recruit or a volunteer–the behaviorist utopia in which free will and determinism vanish as practical or philosophical considerations.” (15)


What do the Eskimo shamans (sorcerers), the African witch doctors, the Indian medicine men, the zar priests of Ethiopia, the curanderos of Mexico, a “manang” in Borneo, Haitian voodoo doctor, and a psychiatrist all have in common? They all use psychotherapy and sorcery drugs. Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, a psychiatrist, has written in his book: (16)

“A zar priest in Ethiopia, a manang in Borneo, and a psychiatrist in the United States are compared and found to be remarkably similar.”

On page 1 of Torrey’s book, he clearly states:

“Witch doctors and psychiatrists perform essentially the same function in their respective cultures. They are both therapists, both treat patients using similar techniques, and both get similar results.”

On page 57, Psychiatrist Torrey says:

“Since the wide introduction of tranquilizers in the 1950s, drugs have become a mainstay of Western psychiatric therapy. NO OTHER CULTURES, past or present, has developed such an array of sophisticated and powerful drugs. But other countries have used drugs which are quite similar for thousands of years.”

Another psychiatrist, Dr. Thomas Szasz, has listed (in the Appendix) of his book, “Ceremonial Chemistry” (17) that the ancient Sumerians used opium as a method of getting high in 5000 B.C.. In 2500 B.C., there is evidence that the Lake Dwellers of Switzerland ate poppy seeds for similar sorcery results. The earliest recorded reference to the use of poppy juice was made by Theophrastus (371-287 B.C.), a Greek naturalist.

“From Babylonian and Assyrian tablets, we know that the heirs of Sumer used deadly nightshade, henbane, mandrake, and thornapple (poisons). Egypt’s oldest medical records (the hieroglyphic scroll called Ebers Papyrus) reveal many drugs that have stood the test of time.” (18)

“Reserpine was introduced into Western psychiatry in the 1950s as a major tranquilizer. At the time, it was recognized as having been used in India for 25 centuries before as a tranquilizer, and also in West Africa by witch doctors, for many years.” (19)

“For millennium, many peoples, especially in the Middle East, have drunk and eaten hashish, the hallucinogenic resin in hemp’s flowering tops. However, the medical use of cannabis, the earliest Chinese herbal, attributes to the Legendary Emperor Shen-Nung of about 2000 B.C., (who) listed the plant as a tonic source.” (20)

“The Aztecs and the Toltec Indians of Mexico also had a highly developed empirical pharmacopoeia during their 1200-1500 A.D. dynasty.” (21)

Let’s go back to Doctor Szasz who said that in the Middle Ages, opium was widely used in China dn the Far East between 1000-1229 A.D.. Paraclesus (1490-1541) introduced laudanum, or tincture of opium, into the practice of medicine. (22) In 1527, Paracelsus, considered one of the greatest physicians of his time, declared publically that “he had learned from the sorceresses all he knew”. In Margaret Murray’s classic, The Witch Cult In Western Europe, A. J. Clark gives specific information about the composition of an ointment that witches used in connection with their celebration of the “Sabbat”. The psycho-active–or, as we might now call them, the “psychedelic”–effects of these ointments are obvious, and remarkably similar to those now often attributed to LSD. (23)


Of the five mentions of sorcery in the New Testament, four of them (in the book of Revelation) are still future. The outlook for sorcery in the end times, (24) based on the Bible’s prophecies, is that it will not be conquered by any “war on drugs”, but will increase and be at its height of abuse in the coming Great Tribulation. Since the same Greek word used for controlled substances – pharmakeia – is the same word used for psychiatric, neuro-toxic drugs, we may see an ever greater proliferation of psycho-tropic drugs, and expansion of psychiatric intrusion into all aspects and areas of our lives. Dr. Szasz has suggested, that some day, our democracy may become a “pharmacracy” under the direct control of the pro-psychiatric elitists and lobbyists. (25)


What is the difference between drugs used by the regular, medical profession (apart from psychiatry), and the sorcery drugs? Almost all medicines used by physicians and surgeons for organic pathology, that is laboratory-provable, the Bible would approve of, if the intent and motive is truly to organically heal, or relieve, or manage dysfunction, and not behaviorally subjugate. Mental illness and alcoholism are not considered to be “diseases” by the Bible. Rather, the Bible sees them as behavioral sin problems. While mental illness and alcoholism, as SIN problems, can cause organic sickness as a side effect of such behaviors, the Christian biblical position would reject such concepts that the “mental” is “ill” or that alcoholism is an “allergy”. In truly organic brain disease caused by tumor, lesions, birth defects, etc., we have no argument with such laboratory-provable, pathological conditions. It is the myth of mental illness and alcoholism as a “disease” that is rejected. What then are these drugs used by medicinal doctors for pathological diseases? The list is quite long, but a few, generic categories are listed.


1. Cholinergic Agonists

2. Anticholinesterase Agents

3. Atropine, Scopolamine, Antimuscarinic Drugs

4. Norepinephrine, Epinephrine, Sympathomimetic Amines

5. Adrennergic Nerve Inhibitors and Receptor Blockers

6. Ganglionic Stimulating and Blocking Agents

7. Neuromuscular Blocking Agents

8. Surgical, Local, General Anesthetics

9. Therapeutic Gases

10. Aliphatic Alcohols

11. Epileptic Therapeutic Drugs

12. Parkinson, Spasticity and Musclespasmic Drugs

13. Central Nervous System Stimulants

14. Autacoids

15. Polypeptides - Angiotensin, Plasma Kinins and Others

16. Prostaglandins, Prostacyclins, Thromboxane A2 and Leukotrienes

17. Anti-inflamatory, Analgesic, Antipyretic Drugs

18. Cardiovascular, Antiarryhthmic, Antihypertensive Drugs

19. Diuretics, Surface Acting Drugs

20. Antiseptics, Disinfectants

21. Gastric Antacids, Laxatives

22. Various Chemotherapys

23. Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Antibiotics Agents

24. Blood Disease Drugs

25. Hormones, Thyroid, Antithyroid Drugs, Estrogens, Progestins

26. Insulin, Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs

27. Calcium Agents, Vitamins and Many Others (26)

This listing is not intended to be an exhaustive or complete listing of all medical healing drugs, but merely to demonstrate the different kinds of drugs that are acceptable from the Christian perspective when the drug is used for a true organic, relief, management, or healing intent.

Even these medical drugs must be administered within precise dosages according to the principles of toxicology. Such drugs may also have some risk or hazards. Drugs, even in this third category, cannot be absolutely categorized as safe or toxic. The right dose differentiates a poison from a remedy. Thus, medicinal drugs can and do have, many times, undesirable side effects. In “healing” drugs, it is the organic benefits that must be weighed along with the risk or hazard of possible undesirable side effects or other toxic reactions. (How difficult it is and how great a responsibility it is to be true, Medical Doctor!)

What should be understood at this point is that a real medical doctor puts the patient and the organic benefits FIRST in spite of risks or hazards to his patients and his motive is to HELP as his foremost motive, not destroy, damage, disable, or to drug for the sake of others’ benefits. A real doctor does not subjugate, subdue, or purposely poison a person to partially immobilize him for punitive, behavioral convenience purposes. Psycho-sorcerers fail that point.


Sorcery drugs do not heal and the motives for using them are evil: to control behavior for the benefit of someone else, other than neuro-toxically poisoned psychiatric victim. No doubt there may be some people who are deluded by the sorcerers to believe that major tranquilizers are “beneficial”, and naive enough to take these poisons voluntarily, not realizing the side effects, particularly if the psychiatrist (or whoever is the pill pusher) has not used the COMPLETE informed consent procedures. (27) As was mentioned earlier, sorcery, in other cultures, had a variety of “social” functions, including the idea to define and sustain social values–whatever they were and to protect the “status quo”. Sorcery today is used for the same social purposes–to subjugate the few for the benefit of the many. People with good intentions might say, what’s wrong with that? To subjugate the few for the benefit of the many by poisoning them to maintain the “status quo”, shows that there is something radically wrong both with the social values of such a system and the “good intentions” of those who support such a perverted and immoral and amoral social system.

The root problem behind these psycho-sorcery practices today is that nobody really cares about these patients put on major tranquilizers (including the sorcerer). These unfortunate victims of neuroleptic abuse are simply people to be mind-altered and subdued and parked in a corner “out of everyone’s way”. Dr. Peter Breggin has said: “Criticism of the use of tranquilizers to subdue the inmates of nursing homes, is not new, although it appears to have had little effect. A decade ago, for example, Nelson H. Cruikshank, president of the National Council of Senior Citizens, declared ‘Exclusive use of the tranquilizers can quickly reduce an ambulatory patient to a zombie, confining the patient to a chair or bed, causing the patient’s muscles to atrophy from inaction, and causing general health to deteriorate rapidly.’ (Quoted in Rogers, 1971)” (28)

What this means is that sorcery can be a vehicle to hasten death, for generally unwanted persons in an impersonal, selfish society. That, of course, should not be, and Christians everywhere should address this problem and consider, as Christians, what role they can play in evangelizing the unwanted, getting them OFF sorcery drugs, being a “Good Samaritan” to them, if possible, with Biblical counseling, providing for their immediate needs, and helping them to rehabilitate back to a productive Christian lifestyle.


If churches would get involved in outreach instead of the present, myopic, internalizing of itself within the safe confines of the church’s four walls, many of these unwanted castaways might be made into “new creatures” via the gospel, and discipled for the new life in Christ (if they cooperate and obey the commands of the Bible), instead of being societal rejects, preyed upon by sorcerers for a buck and dumped into the streets to fend for themselves out of garbage cans. The sorcerer succeeds because he sees no competition from a cold, Christian community. What could a caring Christian community do to address this problem? Instead of building multi-million dollar church buildings with gyms and palatial appointments, a church could develop a “haven of rest”, a ministry house in a residential area that could absorb a few of these unwanted individuals (per church, or as many as they could support if they have the finances), and have dedicated couples live there to provide a Christian atmosphere (with rules of course). Christian counseling on an individual or group basis via Bible studies would characterize a major avenue of corrective discipling for the Christian life. More than one couple could oversee the home, and a fee could be charged for food and lodging to help pay for the rent and maintenance of the ministry house. (29) For the first time, many of these street people, or ex-jail inmates, or people who are in desperate living conditions could actually see the Christian life as a model to imitate, and have a real family-style refuge to identify with. Drug and alcohol counseling through Christian therapy, as well as getting individuals off of sorcery drugs would be a high priority. Most of the half-way houses and institutional settings lack the “family” model to imitate, and certainly lack the Christian principles to restructure lives. Thus, churches could provide a very valuable ministry and service to the community that is served by that local church by providing a transition back to usefulness via Christian outreach.


How prevalent is sorcery at the present time? It is so prevalent that we already have a national crisis with sorcery and most churches know very little about it at all. Following is a list of contemporary sorcery occupations where a little, some or much behavioral drugging is being carried on with the sorcery drugs mentioned earlier in this bible study. So prevailing is the (unpleasant) sorcery drugging in America today (as well as in most other countries) that it very probably surpasses the illegal, controlled substances (pleasant) drug traffic. The following list of places, occupations and personnel where sorcery drugging is practiced to subdue the patient can be found in:

1. All nursing homes

2. All institutions for the mentally retarded

3. All jails AND prisons

4. All work-release correctional facilities

5. All correctional institutions of any kind

6. All children’s detention centers

7. All half-way houses; children’s, teens’, and adult’s

8. All disciplinary schools (boys and girls)

9. All public schools: elementary, middle, high, colleges and universities

a. all teachers are encouraged or instructed to make “referrals” of children whose behavior is “emotionally disturbed”, hyperactive, has an “attention” disorder or exhibits undesirable behavior continually for drugging with psych drugs.

b. all school nurses distribute or administer the drugs (healing drugs as well as psych drugs) usually from locked cabinets or small refrigerators. Psych drugs might include Ritalin, Dexedrine, Cylert, Haldol or what not.

c. All psychologists keep records and encourage parents of such children “diagnosed” as in “a.” above, to have their child take drugs. Some don’t; most do.

d. All principals, classroom teachers, administrators, school board members are AWARE that this is all going on.

e. At least 750,000 (most probably up to a million as of today) were drugged in schools in 1987. Ritalin kids might take the pills 3 times a day. Some parents have their child “skip” taking the pills on weekends so that the child “can be himself”.

8. All Veteran Administration hospitals

9. Board and care homes

10. All state-run mental hospitals in the entire United States

11. General hospitals and clinics (with psychiatric outpatient services; some have special psychiatric floors for inpatient and for suicidal patients)

a. physicians (not psychiatrists) in general practice

b. all internists

c. Pediatricians (children’s doctors)

d. doctors of internal medicine (“pill” doctors)

e. gynecologists

While general hospitals and physicians deal with medicinal drugs, as previously mentioned, some also use the major tranquilizers in their practice. Thus, we have a possible dual approach that might include sorcery drugs as well as medicinal drugs.

12. Orphanages

13. Children’s hospitals

14. All teaching or university hospitals

15. All psychiatrists and psychiatric centers and clinics

16. Christian radio stations that promote psychiatry, i.e. Minirth-Meier type programs

17. All Christian TV stations that promote so-called Christian psychiatry

18. All Christian universities, theological seminaries, Bible colleges, Bible schools, missionary organizations that have psychiatric departments, or psychiatric counseling services, or psychology departments that have a clinical psychologist making referrals to psychiatrists, or schools that simply approve of psychiatry.

19. All public universities, colleges, and schools of higher learning that have the same services as mentioned in #18

20. All clinical psychologists

21. All Christian pastors in churches who make referrals of their church members to psychiatrists

22. All apostate churches, synagogues, or non-Christian religions that likewise make referrals of their members to psychiatrists

23. All drug stores, pharmaceutical suppliers, manufacturers and laboratories

24. Veterinary medicine

25. All mental health facilities of any kind

26. All Federally funded mental health centers

27. Suicide prevention clinics (with psychiatric outpatient service)

28. Behavior clinics

29. Child-guidance clinics

30. Family service agencies

31. The United States government

32....and the intervention of sorcery into NEW areas increases every day.

Peter Schrag in his book, “MIND CONTROL”, (30) calls the groups in this kind of list, “the Madness Network”. What the reader should see is that sorcery is one of the greatest of the end time sins and permeates nearly all areas and levels of life, and is a strong indication that the church age is rapidly coming to an end, with the Great Tribulation waiting in the wings, offstage, for it’s cue to start.

Of the five references of the word “sorcery” in the New Testament, four of them are in the Book of Revelation, the end-time, the Great Tribulation book of the Bible. Now obviously, drugs just don’t suddenly appear in the Great Tribulation, but they had to be net-worked previously in order to be in place and brought to its fullness for God’s judgment on the sin of sorcery. Revelation 18:23 is a key verse to see that the “madness network” of sorcery will be a world-wide sin, and that finally the whole end time sorcery network will be destroyed. Speaking to the end time Babylon commercial system, the Bible says in verse 23: “...for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were DECEIVED BY YOUR SORCERY.”

What can a Christian do to stop sorcery? First, if you are in it...GET OUT OF IT! Avoid ALL controlled substances AND major and minor tranquilizers. Secondly, send your children to Christian schools that do NOT support psychiatry or psychology and do not use drugging in their school (if you can afford it). Or, start your own Christian home school. Thirdly, avoid as many agencies on this list as possible. Obviously, we all need doctors and hospitals for “healing” purposes.

We are not against that at all, but there is absolutely no reason why any Bible believing Christian needs to consult psychiatric services or use major or minor tranquilizers. “...walk by the Spirit, and you WILL NOT carry out the desire of the flesh.” (Galatians 5:16) Confess your sins, and you will be walking in the Spirit. (1 John 1:9) If you have any physical problems, go to a medical doctor. If you are a wife with spiritual problems and your husband is saved, you consult your husband FIRST. If you are a husband and you have spiritual problems, you consult your Bible believing and counseling-from-the-Scriptures type pastor after you make sure your pastor doesn’t use psychiatric referrals. If he does, get out of that church until you find one that is a Biblical church and clean of supporting sorcery. Fourthly, help others who are trapped in the sorcery network to get out of it by showing their rights under Wisconsin Statutes 51:61, and by having them contact the County Community Services Complaint Investigator which most counties have. Have them register their Grievance Complaint on a complaint form if any institution, in which they are incarcerated, does not allow them the right to refuse to take major or minor tranquilizers.

Sorcery has been a plague on mankind and a major sin for centuries. It has been one of the most covert and seductive sins in American history. There is absolutely no reason why Christians should be ignorant of this sin any more, or in compliance with it. There are more sorcerers (and sorcerer’s apprentices) alive today (and doing their evil work) than in all the past centuries combined. As early as 1977, Peter Schrag revealed that there were more mental health workers in America than there were policemen (31), and it can be assumed that nothing has changed since then. If anything, it’s probably worse. Of all the prescription drugs sold in the United States, the Federal government pays for nearly a third of all drugs dispensed to the poor, the Federal government pays for nearly everything. (32) In one guise or another, – trainer of psychiatrists, backer of research, promoter through the National Institute of Mental Health of the “benefits” of psychoactive medication, patron of “community mental health”, provider of Medicaid (nursing homes) – Uncle Sam is far and away the biggest drug pusher of them all. (33)

Pray for our leaders AND for our government so that YOU may be delivered from the encroachment of psycho-sorcery. (1 Timothy 2:1 & 2)


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