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Song of the Week :
-  Vicki Vale
MP3s: 12     Lyrics: 90
TV Opening, Ending Theme Songs * Click on the Lyrics icon for lyrics of that song *
around the world           by move           [ First Stage Opening ]
(TV Ver.)          size: 1.38mb   length: 1:30
(Full Ver.)         
size: 4.75mb   length: 5:11
Rage your dream          by move          [ First Stage Ending ]
(TV Ver.)          size: 2.26mb   length: 2:28
(Full Ver.)          size: 4.18mb   length: 4:34
Blazin' Beat          by move          [ Second Stage Opening ]
(TV Ver.)          size: 2.09mb   length: 1:31
(Full Ver.)         
size: 4.76mb   length: 5:12
Break in 2 the nite          by move          [ First Stage Opening 2 ]
(TV Ver.)          size: 1.45mb   length: 1:35
(Full Ver.)         
size: 4.28mb   length: 4:40
Kiseki no Hana          by Galla          [ First Stage Ending 2 ]
size: 2.25mb   length: 2:27
Kimi ga Iru          by Galla          [ Second Stage Ending ]
(TV Ver.)          size: 2.50mb   length: 2:44
(Full Ver.)         
size: 4.39mb   length: 4:47
Gamble Rumble          by move          [ Third Stage Opening ]
(Movie Ver.)            size: 1.84mb   length: 2:00
(Full Ver.)           
size: 4.05mb   length: 4:25
Take Me Baby          by Mickey B.
size: 3.78mb   length: 4:08
Jirenma          by ELT (Every Little Thing)          [ Third Stage Ending ]
size: 4.10mb   length: 4:28
Dogfight          by move          [ Fourth Stage Opening ]
(TV Ver.)            size: 1.37mb   length: 1:29
(Full Ver.)            size: 3.96mb   length: 4:19
NEW !!! >>>
Blast My Desire          by move          [ Fourth Stage Ending ]
(TV Ver.)            size: -.--mb   length: -:--
(Full Ver.)            size: 4.95mb   length: 5:24
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