The Big Gob





DBA - The Yanks have arrived!

Having now spent a month across the water I feel I am in an authoritative position to produce the definitive DBA lists for the Americans.

Inner City Ghetto
Bloods (Gang Members) 6xWB, Dealers 2xBW or 2xBL, Shooters on Scooters 2xLH, Lookouts 2xPS. Base Camp: Crackhouse c/w Steel Doors

'Oversized' Americans 1xWW, Soccer Moms in SUVs 2xHC, Frat Party Boys 2xWB, Concerned Citizens 4xSP, High School Kids (with automatic weaponry and the disaffection of youth) 2xBW, Token Black (Non-threatening) 1xPS.
Base Camp: Wall-Mart 'We sell for less'

4WD Pickup Truck (Treats all terrain as good going) 2xCM, Survivalists 2xAX, Militia Group 4xBW or 4xAX, Sportsmen hunting deer (Assault Rifles and AP bullets) 2xPS. Choose two of the following: Militia Group with Howitzer ART, Religious Fundamentalists (Tend to fall apart if things go wrong) SC or WB, Ex-Marines BL. Base Camp: Mountain Hunting Lodge

Street Cop 6xSP, SWAT Team 2xBL or 2xKN, Detectives 2xBL or 2xCV.
Choose one of the following: Traffic Cop 2xLH, Informant 2xPS or LAPD Gang Division 2xWB (We know they're out of control).
Base Camp: Donut Shop

Big Rigs 2xEL, Recreational Vehicles 2xWW, 4WD Pickup Truck (Treats all terrain as good going) 2xCM, Gas Guzzlers 4xCV, Bikers 2xLH
Base Camp: Gas Station or Roadside Diner

Corporate America
VIP & Bodyguards 2xBL,Security Guards (on minimum wage) 4xAX, Office Workers 3xPS, Accountants (they cover each other's arses) 2xSP, Disgruntled Former Employee (with death wish) 1xSC.
Base Camp: Open Plan Office Building

I've been able to construct these lists without reference to America's most serious vermin - the lawyer. Armed with their special attack - law suit (needs a 2+ to hit, and can reroll the first miss, can only be countered by a more expensive lawyer), they seem able to tie up every aspect of American life in red tape.