Height: 50 meters

Weight: 2,800 metric tons (3,080 tons)

Powers/Special Powers: Claws, flight

History/Origin: The Kamacuras (Kumacurai?) were a race of two meter tall preying mantises on Solgell Island. When a radioactive storm hit the island, it mutated the creatures far beyond their original height, ballooning them to 50 meters in height! They located the egg of Minya and began to attack it, eventually cracking it open and releasing the infant kaiju. But before they could devour the baby monster, Godzilla arrived and fought them, killing all but one. This Kamacuras fought Minya, then later Kumonga, and was killed in battle by the giant spider. However, at least one Kamacuras ended up as a inhabitant of Monster Island.

Power: ** out of *****

Kamacuras is one of the weakest creatures imaginable. Except for the last one, they were all killed by a single shot of Godzilla's atomic breath, and were also rather weak when it came to physical battle, being ripped apart or smashed into a pulp quite easily. Their real strength is in their numbers, but this alone does not garauntee a victory. As long as they go after a smaller and weaker creature such as Minya, they most likely will prevail, but if going up against a kaiju like Godzilla, then their loss is garaunteed.

Height: 40 meters

Length: 90 meters

Weight: 20,000 tons

Kamacuras: Kamacuras' wings allow it to fly extremely fast. In physical combat, Kamacuras' pincer claws would be used to cut up opponents. Kamacuras' camouflage enables it to blend in with any environment.

History: A strange blip appeared on French radars one day. Over the skies of Paris, a giant praying mantis made its presence known to the world. Kamacuras swiftly flew over buildings, billowing powerful shockwaves that ripped structures apart. The EDF deployed one of its flying warships to engage the kaiju menace. But to the surprise of everyone, Kamacuras disappeared. The world was stunned when the alien civilization, the Xilians, appeared out of no where, offering a hand of friendship; however, it was only a devious plot apart of an even greater agenda. The Xilians betrayed humanity, and released their controlled monsters. Kamacuras returned to Paris, where it helped raze it to the ground. When the human survivors managed to free Godzilla, the Xilians had no choice but to try and send their kaiju horde to defeat the newly awakened monster. After Gigan, Zilla and Kumonga were defeated, Kamacuras was the next one to engage the King. Kamacuras tried desperately to use its incredible speed and camouflage tactics to overcome Godzilla, but Godzilla surprised the insect by catching him and throwing him into an electric tower, where it punctured and killed the praying mantis.

Fighting Power: ***

A debatable fighting power, I admit. Kamacuras' incredible speed, quick bursts, and slashing attacks make a deadly combo. Had it been against any other Godzilla incarnation, it would've likely proven successful, and the battle would've been a lot longer. Nonetheless, Kamacuras' speed and camouflage techniques are the only things going for the flying insect. Its claws are potent, but if met against a quick, powerful foe, Kamacuras would likely be on the receiving end of defeat.