Singapore Watercolour Society Founding Member and Late president -- Gog Sing Hooi Watercolor Showcase

Perfect Blend of British / American Watercolor Style + Excellent Chinese Calligraphy Strokes Marks

Watercolours of Gog Sing Hooi

Master's Watercolors with the Blessing Oriental Calligraphy -- GOG SING HOOI

# Mr. Gog Sing Hooi is the Late President and was one of the founder members of The Singapore Watercolour Society in 1969. During his early years, he was influenced by Master Lim Cheng Hoe's watercolour style. After more than 40 years exploring in water media, he developed his own watercolour master style. He incorporated the oriental calligraphic strokes into traditional british transparent watercolour. His strokes reflected the oriental calligraphic 'strength'. With this technique he simplified subject matters to their most characteristic manners like the Chinese Ink Painting. Sometimes, the strokes did not look like any specific things BUT they were just so neccessary and so right. They evolved the viewers' imagination and expended the depth of Art Appreciation. He is no doubt the MASTER of Singapore Watercolors.

# He explored into all forms of colour domination. The way he mixed colours on papers became an oriental intepretation of western impressionism with watermedia. Colours maintained their highest freshness without physical mixing on pallette. That is the strength of watermedia that no other media are able to achieve. Therefore he was very loyal to the traditional approach of transparent watercolour.

# To achieve excellent transparency, he adapted the traditional british watercolour style. Every additional layer added onto the existing layer was carefully planned. He kept the additional layer colour scheme closer to the existing layer to maintain Color Transparency.

# According to him, to avoid 'stiff edges' he rejected the use of masking fluid. He was so patient to even leave out very fine lines without the help of masking fluid. But this would not be possible without his mastering of oriental calligraphic skills. One who even read his Chinese handwriting knows why.

# His concepts of design were very interesting. He summarized the complex process of design rules into very simple guidelines. He said, "Just distinguish between the left side and right side of the picture and you can generate interesting rhythm in your composition. If left is tall, right should be short. If left is big, right should be small and so on..." It is so easy understand BUT there are infinite combinations to explore. This reflects his comprehensive understanding of DESIGN CONCEPTS. Therefore his works carried all forms of subject matters BUT could arrive at interesting dynamic visual balance and still envolving 'musical' RHYTHMS.

# Singapore watercolour artists respect his great contributions in the development of Singapore watercolor style. His works were presented here as an encouragement and educational resources to all local and international watercolourists. We are all very proud of his achievements though he was so humble and did not expose himself in the international art circle.

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Mr. Gog Sing Hooi's Watercolour Book

Gog Sing Hooi, 1933-1994 : A dedicated Singapore Watercolourist Published in Hard Binding by President's Office, Singapore Watercolour Society

The book can be purchased from Singapore Watercolour Society


Singapore Watercolor Master's Works

Gog Sing Hooi painted old Singapore scene paintings in traditional British transparent watercolor style. Gog Sing Hooi is the BEST Singapore Watercolour Artist. He created Singapore Watercolour Sytle with impressionist colours and oriental calligraphic brush strokes. This book showcases some of his masterpieces done in the late 70s and early 80s.

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