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Do you like to look at braless boobs?

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What this site is about
Welcome to GoingBraless. I have created GoingBraless to showcase my beautiful wife's braless breasts. I am the luckiest guy in the world! Why, you ask? Because my wife never wears a bra, and she has the most beautiful, hardest nipples I have ever seen.

Why do I want to show them here? Well, nothing makes me hornier than to know that people are looking at her braless breasts. I love to go shopping with her and watch people watch her. I love the site of her boobs swinging under her shirt, and her hard nipples sticking out in public. To see my wife displaying her bralessness on purpose, just so strangers can look at her bouncing, braless tits is hot. She always turns heads. There are two reactions I like. One, to see men do a double take when she passes. The best however, is when other women are obviously shocked and show total wonder that anyone would dress in such a manner.

I like to watch my wife go braless in public. I like to watch her boobs bounce around as she walks, and the view of her nipples sticking out of her shirts is wonderful. I love to see strangers looking at them. Often, we'll go shopping for clothes with her braless boobs in mind. Shirts or dresses must be plain and light (patterns or dark fabrics really obscure her nipples). Sometimes I like her shirts tight, especially if it's cold out. Sometimes I like them loose, usually if they are thin. After a day of showing her nipples in public, we always have a wonderful romp in bed as she tells me about the looks she got.

I remember the first day she wore a see thru tank top in public. It was pink, very thin and left nothing to the imagination. She called me at work from her cell phone in a busy store and told me all 'bout it. I had to cancel the rest of my appointments for that day, and we met for brunch. My whole body was shaking when she walked in showing it all as if nothing was unusual. A waiter actually dropped a full tray of food!

Look through the galleries here. Do you like looking at my wifes boobs? I think you will. Please tell her you enjoy her braless pictures. There will be several other galleries that I use to post submissions, and other braless pictures found in magazines, on the web, etc. They'll be up shortly. However, the real reason this site is in existance is so that you see my beautiful wife's nipples. I like to know that strangers are having a good look at her nipples.

A little about us. We live near Boulder, Colorado. Her name is Laura, and mine is Michael. I'm a doctor. Laura owns only 1 bra which she uses only for formal outings :( Laura goes EVERYWHERE without a bra, and I'm always encouraging her. You should see the tight pink satin (kinda see through) top that she owns (oh yeah, if you're good, maybe you will see it!). She likes to wear that see through top when we go to places that have lots of people (shopping malls, all-you-can-eat restaurants, etc.). OK, that's all the info you get. Laura does want to maintain some amount of anonymity. All of her pictures here have her face either obscured or cropped.

Please tell me your thoughts. I'd love to hear that you are enjoying the view of my wife's nipples sticking out through her clothes.

Guidelines and Behavior
First off, there is NO NUDITY on this site, and there never will be. I encourage you to post your own pictures, but if your pictures contain nudity, I reserve the right to alter the picture.

Secondly, all pictures here are either copyright by GoingBraless, are in the public domain, or GoingBraless has written permission to show them. If you see a picture of which you own the copyright (and you have not authorized me to use it), EMail me. If you can prove the picture is yours, I'll remove it immediately.

Third, if you post any child pornography or other illegal material here, you will be reported to the authorities. GoingBraless adheres to the US rules and regulations, and so must you.

Fourth, every picture here is thumbnailed. You know what to do with a thumbnail, I ain't gonna insult you by telling you what to do with em. Some of the thumbnails will look distored. The full picture behind them is NOT distored. The thumbnails are that way just to help them fit on the gallery pages better.

Lastly, please read the Submission Guidelines before you send me pictures.

No whimpy editors where harmed in the creation of these pages. Notepad used for all editing purposes. Copyright 2000 by GoingBraless. All Wife Gallery pictures are copyrighted material, and my not be used, posted, uploaded, etc. to other sites without written permission. All other pictures are believed to be in the public domaim. If you EVER see something here that violates US Copyright law, EMail us immediately so we can remove it. 1 1 1 1