In February 2000 I went to London to visit a friend of mine. I decided to take advantage of this golden opportunity and made one of my dreams come true: I finally visited some places around England that were related to Phil! Obviously, my first dream would be to meet Phil and the other members of Genesis, but I know this is much more complicated. At least I could see with my own two eyes some of the places Phil has lived at or been to, and take some photographs of them. I rode my bike and started looking for them, and yes, I could find some! This is the photo-diary of my adventure. I hope all of you like it as much as I do.
Chiswick County Grammar School, Chiswick, London
Barbara Speake Stage School. East Acton, London
Hanworth Road, Hounslow, London, Phil's house since 1951 to 72
Hanworth Road, Hounslow
Old Croft, Shalford Common, Surrey, Phil's house since 78 to mid 80's
Old Croft
Old Croft
Old Croft
Old Croft
Fisher Lane Farm, Chiddingfold, Surrey, Genesis Studio
Fisher Lane Farm
Fisher Lane Farm
Fisher Lane Farm
The Townhouse Studios, Virgin Studios, Sheperd's Bush, London


I first heard of Phil back in 1989, when he released his album But Seriously. I liked him from the very first moment and started becoming aware of all his previous records, as well as all the Genesis and Brand X albums. I love all his facets, but I think that his main strength is as a drummer; in fact I started playing the drums just because of him. Now Im in a band called Los Replicantes, a versatile band with very different influences: rock, progressive rock, blues and jazz. Were trying to take off by playing all around Madrid.

Los Replicantes
Los Replicantes in 2000
Los Replicantes drawing
Los Replicantes live
My drum kit
Playing the drums with my old friend Mino at his father's house