Chapter 4 Work In Progress now available for download

First thing, read these three words again: Work In Progress. Right, now with that out of the way, please understand that the maps are still in the process of being fleshed out. The purpose of releasing this demo is to get an idea of what everyone thinks of the direction it's heading, and perhaps gameplay balance issues too (too little ammo? too much?).
Map progress:
  • Compound Courtyard: 40%
  • Power Grid: 75%
  • Climate Control Center: 20%

  • A quick note on the scripts: the scripts sources are contained within the WAD and are accessible through Zeth, or any other editor that lets you view separate lumps. If you wish to take these scripts for your own WADs, there are two things you must do: 1) Mention that you obtained the scripts from the WAD and provide a link to the site. 2) Make the script's source available both in the WAD and as a separate download.
    Clicking on the download link means that you have read and agree with the above words.

    Click here to download the Chapter 4 WIP