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A supportive and safe social space for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender [LGBT] people and other sexuality-minorities

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Tuesdays and Fridays, 
7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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About us






In 1994, some of us got together at 3 Aces restaurant (yes, those were the days when it was the gay-friendly spot in town), and decided that we must start a group for gays.  We were keen to create some social space that was a little more private than a pub and a little more constructive than a good bitching session!

Within a week's time, about six of us met up at one of our members' beautiful apartment, and created the agenda and the name of our group: Good As You.  Soon, people started dropping in every Thursday and it was time to move out of our generous friend's apartment.

That was our first challenge: to find a space that was central, inexpensive, and private.  Fortunately, Samraksha, the AIDS Counselling Centre, offered their office space to the group. We are grateful to them for that. It made so many things possible.  

The group grew from strength to strength.  Sure, it has had its hiccups, like all groups.  Thanks to the initiative and sheer energy of all its regulars, the group has developed a uniquely democratic structure. Many people find it a 'safe space.' Some find it a good way of making new friends.  Many think of it as a support group, simply because it exists.  Whatever people make of the group, it continues to grow organically in a direction that its members want it to grow.  

Any group is only as good as its members.  With Good As You, the people who do attend the meetings give it new life.  In that sense, the group is born every week.  It can never die. Over the years, Good As You has opened up its thinking to include gays, lesbians, trans-gender, bisexuals, and other sexuality-minorities.

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